Test Kitchen - Spaghetti Dogs

10:27 AM

If you visit Pinterest at all there's an excellent chance that you've seen this recipe.

Spaghetti Dogs

I'm a Pinterest fan and pinned this "recipe" a while back.

Last night daddy was working, so we opted for a Kid-centric dinner.

For this recipe you will need:

Hot dogs (I like all beef)
Spaghetti (I like whole wheat)
pot of boiling water

This is a fun dinner that the kids can help make.

Put on a large pot of water to boil.  Cut the hot dogs into bite size pieces and skewer them with spaghetti.

Skewer dogs with spaghetti

Once the water has reached a rolling boil, add the dogs.

Add to boiling water

After a few minutes the dogs will sink below the water level.  Cover and boil for 6 minutes.

Ready in 6 minutes

That's it!

I have one kid who's like Mikey.  He hates EVERYTHING!  This - he loved!

He hates EVERYTHING - but loves these!

Serving suggestions:

Top With:
* Pasta sauce and Parmesan cheese
* Cheese sauce
* Alfredo sauce
* Garlic and Butter

Meat Substitutes:
Instead of hot dogs try:
* Italian sausage
* Smoked sausage
* Bratwurst
* Veggie Hot Dogs

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  1. I did this for the kids years ago....yea, neither would eat it!!! :doh: haha