An update on Jesse (Jiselle Johnson)

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Update (11/28/14):  This post was originally made in January 2014.  Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Jesse's diagnosis.  I am thrilled to report that I saw Jesse yesterday and she was full of spunk!  She ran around with the other kids, happily played lots of games and had a grand old time.  I was told that her condition is stable and she is doing fine.  

Jesse and Daddy at the circus!
A few weeks ago I did a blog post about me cousin's little girl Jiselle "Jesse" Johnson.  On Thanksgiving Jesse was diagnosed with DIPG.  Here's the link to the original story.

Jesse's mom posted this update:

This week was a good week, Jiselle is feeling much more like herself, they have lowered her steroid dosage again and she is no longer waking up and going to sleep focused on food. We went to a basketball game on Tuesday and enjoyed watching the varsity girls play.  She woke up on Wednesday asking to go to the basketball game so she must have liked it. Both her, Mia and daddy have been sick and they are having to clear her mucus during sedation before radiation. She also has an ear infection that she is on antibiotics for but she doesn't hassle us about taking the meds so that's a wonderful thing. 
Jiselle was gifted with circus tickets from a co-workers daughter and daddy took her last week, they had a great time.  
Only 7 more days of radiation and they have already set her MRI for March 12 so we can see how the tumor responded to the radiation, I don't want to see any of it remaining!  She's strong in the fight!

Also, this week my favorite podcast Snap Judgement did a beautiful story about another child with DIPG.

Hug your babies close.  I know I will with mine.

Here's the story from Snap Judgement

Here the link to the story!

For some reason the link to this radio story keeps going down.  You can visit Snap Judgement directly to hear "Notes From a Six-Year Old".

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