Reusable Cloth Christmas Bags and Tags

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Cloth Christmas Bag
About 5 years ago I saw a picture of cloth Christmas bags.  I was immediately hooked!  We try to be a pretty green family and this idea is one of my favorites.

These bags are easy to make (it's basically a cloth square) and you can have them in all shapes and sizes.   The bag pictured above is green with candy canes on the outside and lined with red striped fabric.  Honestly I could have left this bag unlined.

Inside the bag

Where to buy:, hyena cart and all carry these online.  If you sew or know anyone who sews now is the time to year to have them made.

Making the bags: 
Now that the holiday season is wrapping up this is the PERFECT time of year to make bags.  Holiday fabric and ribbon are plentiful and cheap!  I suggest using good quality cotton fabric.  You can use any kind of ribbon you like.

Unfilled bag
3 narrow ribbons sewn on the bag as a tie

This particular bag uses 3 narrow ribbons to tie.  You can use as many or as few ribbons as you like.  Most of my bags only have 1 ribbon.

Camo gift bag with reusable tag

Fabric Tip:  If you got new sheets for Christmas, use your old sheets to make bags.  If you have a cloth table cloth or table runner that is ready to be retired - use them to make bags!

The bags wash easily (I wash mine every couple of years).

But wait - there's more!

We also use chalk cloth gift tags.

Chalk cloth gift tag

Chalk cloth is just want it sounds like.  It's cloth that you write on like a chalk board.  Chalk cloth is available by the yard at Joann Fabric,, ebay or  (Be sure to read the directions and "season" the cloth before first use.

I used a jar lid and cut 2 identical circles.  I stitched them together to make a 2 sided tag.  Finally I used a hole punch and added a little ribbon.  SO EASY!

Tag with ribbon

Pro Tip:
If you like this idea but you don't really sew, don't worry.  Gather up your favorite bits of fabric, old sheets and table cloths and reach out to the vendors on etsy.   There are plenty of people who would be willing to turn your old fabric into new holiday bags and tags.  Expect to pay about $10/hour for labor or make a deal to pay per bag.  You'll likely pay shipping to and from the vendor, but having your bags made will save you money for YEARS to come!

Bag stash

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