DIY- Poo Pourii - No More Bathroom Stink!

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Have you seen this:

A few weeks back I saw an ad for what looks like a fabulous bathroom product.

The product is Poo-Pourii.  The problem that it solves is stinky bathroom smells.  The concept is brilliant and the commercial is HILARIOUS!!!!!

I LOVE the idea of the product.  Me, being me, I just can’t stomach the idea of paying a bunch of money for bathroom spray.  ($22 for 2 oz on  PLUS, let’s be frank here – if I stink up my own bathroom at home, who cares.  My issue is stinking up the bathroom when I’m a guest in someone’s home or god forbid at work!  Nobody wants that!  I know that I CERTAINLY do not appreciate it when a stinky lady uses the restroom before me.  ANY help in this area is MUCH appreciated!

And so, I did a little research.

There is a DIY version of poo-pourii that’s cheap and easily made from stuff you probably already have around the house.

First, let’s review the basic concept:

If you add scented oil to the toilet water before you anything stinky to the toilet, the smell gets trapped under the layer of oil.

Based on that basic concept, you could ANY scented oil.

Smelliness is trapped below the oil barrier!

Leaving the bathroom smelling clean and fresh!

Because this is an issue that usually arises at work just after morning coffee, I needed oil in a small contained that is easily concealed to carry into the ladies room.

Guess what I found lurking in my cabinet – Lemon oil!  I bought this tiny bottle of essential oil (.5 fl oz) for $5.99 at the health food store.  And it works!

Lemon Oil

2 drops in the toilet water before you make a deposit leaves the ladies room smelling like fresh lemons! 

I’ve been doing a bit of experimenting and have discovered that a few drops of bath oil, tea tree oil or a squirt of perfume work just as well.

If you'd rather have a spray - No Problem!

If you decide that you’d rather have a bottle for spray, no problem, add 40-50 drops of scented oil to a 2 oz bottle of water and make a spray.  Add 2-3 squirts of spray to the toilet before you go and voila!  You’re all set!

Blogger and Super Woman Jillee has a Poo Pourii knock off too.  Here's her recipe!

Other Scents
If you think about it, you really could make your bathroom smell like just about anything!  I’m been shopping online at Natures garden Candle Supply.  To date I’ve purchased 7-UP pound cake,  Strawberry Shake and Grapefruit fragrance oil,  The lemon and grapefruit oils mixed together are my favorites so far.

Anyway, give this a try and let me know what you think!

Pro Tips: 

  • Make a label with instructions for the drops or the spray.  It’s counter intuitive to spray the toilet BEFORE you go.  A few simple instructions solve this problem quickly.
  • Also, in the spirit of being delicate and ladylike, we call these “Doo Drops” or “No 2 Spray”
  • Make sure the drops hit the water.  If they hit the side of the bowl and have to slide down into the bowl, they take a little longer to work. 
  • You can add the drops after you’re already begun to go, but for best results put the drops in as soon as you discover that you need them.
  • Husbands or (teenage boys) might require a few extra drops.
  • If you buy scented oil online, it might not come in dropper bottles.  You can buy glass dropper bottles online. They are called Euro Droppers and they're available at or
Euro Dropper Glass Bottles
 The blooper reel on the Poo Pourii commercial is also hilarious!  Check it out!

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