How to freeze a cake

3:13 PM

Because I have children, people are always giving me cookies, cake and candy for them.  I don’t mind the sweet treats, but sometimes it’s just too much.

Recently a neighbor gave us a delicious homemade coffee cake.  It was so good that I could have eaten the entire thing in one sitting!  However – as part of my ongoing effort to be mindful about sweets I opted to freeze it.  The problem is that I needed to freeze it in a way that would not make me crazy.  You see, if I freeze the entire cake then I have to defrost the entire cake when one of us wants a piece.  That’s when I came up with this plan.

I cut the cake into 1 serving size pieces and froze the pieces. 

Now when one of us wants a piece of cake we defrost 1 piece and the rest of the cake stays safely frozen and out of site.  Hopefully that means out of mind too.  This cake was actually pretty easy because its coffee cake, but I would have done the same thing with a frosted cake.

To freeze:

Cut the cake into pieces.

Wrap each piece in foil.

Place the wrapped pieces in a freezer bag.


To defrost: I simply place a piece on the counter to thaw or unwrap and defrost in the microwave.  Either way I end up with a delicious cake when I want one!  Perfect! 

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