HELP - My Faucet is Leaking AGAIN!!!!!

10:53 AM

Seriously, I'm just this side of crazy dealing with the good people over at Pfister Faucets as it relates to my leaky kitchen sink.  Lest you think I'm a ridiculous whiner, please allow me to offer you a brief history of my faucet troubles.

About 18 months ago: Our 8 year old faucet began leaking BADLY.  I'm talking it was was full on running even when the water was turned off.  I was on my way out to town when I dropped by the Home Depot and picked up a new faucet.  I didn't have time to do tons of faucet related research.  I just bought what I thought was a nice faucet and took it home.  I removed the old leaker and replaced it with a new, perfectly fine Pfister faucet with a lifetime warranty.  Remember that life time warranty part - that information is important later in this story.

The new faucet is fine for exactly 1 year!  Under normal circumstances I would have no means of keeping track of when I made this rush repair.  It just so happens that I replaced the faucet the same day my children and I toured the White House.  The kids made White House scrap books for a school project.  So I have tons of pictures with the date.

After 1 year of use the faucet began to leak.  The nice man at Home Depot [or was it Lowes] reminded me that my faucet came with a lifetime warranty!

That means that any time I have a problem, all I have to do is call Pfister and they will replace the defective part with a new ones.  AWESOME!

So I call up Pfister and some person [from another person pretending to be in America] took my information and promised to send me new faucet parts.  I paid about $8 for shipping  and 2 new cartridges (hot and cold) arrived in about  a week.  I replaced them as instructed and the leak was gone.

Three months ago: The leak came back.  Last time the hot water leaked.  This time the cold.  Again I called Pfister.  Again they apologized.  Again they sent a new cartridge.  (I fussed and they waived the shipping charge).   

This week: The faucet is leaking AGAIN!  I try to be a nice person, but frankly, I’m pissed!

So once again I call Pfister.  I explained the problem and the person on the phone informed me that I had a water pressure issue.  [eyeroll]  I was about to have a blood pressure issue from dealing with these dummies! 

Nearly irrelevant aside:  I used to work in customer service and so I understand that there are limits to what service rep can offer.  It was now time for the big guns.  I asked to speak with a supervisor.  The truth about customer service is that when you ask to speak with a “supervisor” what you’re really getting is a “Lead”.  A Lead is a regular customer service rep who is authorized to offer you more “stuff” (cash and prizes).  They waive fees, offer better warranty service, etc.  They don’t necessarily have more knowledge than the person you were just speaking to.  What they have is more power and generally speaking, that’s just fine with me.

Once I asked for a supervisor the rep on the phone offered me a free upgraded faucet.  Funny how asking for supervisor made my water pressure problem go away! 

I was instructed to email a picture of my existing faucet to a very strange e-mail address.  I would have expected to have to sent it to  Instead I was told to send the picture to something like  The subject line should say: wlkj5779412sdfgk.  I was informed that no other information was necessary and that I should not call and ask for another rep because they would insist that I pay shipping.

If I go missing, use this picture for the milk cartons!

I am 100% convinced that Pfister is sending ninja’s to my house to take me and my faucet out.  I’m quite certain that what this rep did was to give me the secret [eliminate this annoying customer] Batcode.  I have used a picture of my faucet to summon these people to my residence to “deal” with my “leak.” 

Seriously people, if this is my last post ever, you know what happened.  Please tell my family I love them and that I didn’t mean any harm.

OR, I might be getting myself a nice, free upgrade.  As an optimist, I’m hoping for the latter.  We shall see.

[Hopefully] I’ll be posting the happy update soon!     


The new faucet arrived in the mail yesterday.  I guess that means my next blog needs to be on how to install a kitchen faucet! 

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  1. Now that's just aggravating. I can totally feel your annoyance and exasperation trying to get workable faucet. You know that might be the reason behind the faucet's lifetime warranty, if they're not sure of their products' longevity. Well, hopefully they've upgraded your faucet for you.

    Lovella Cushman

  2. This is getting alarming. It could be either your water pressure is too high, causing the faucets to break, or their products are really defective. And I doubt your water pressure is too high or else all the faucets in the house would already have broken, so it seems like it is their product that is the problem. I hope this new faucet would be able to solve your problem once and for all.
    Katrina Spencer

  3. It’s quite disheartening that you've already experienced several leaks after installing several faucets from the same brand. The only consolation is that you were given a lifetime warranty. But if it continues to do so, it might be time to look for a sturdier model. Anyway, how was your recent installation? I hope there aren't any leaks to worry about.

    Lavern Knight @ Midland Mechanical Inc.

    1. It's been a year since I installed this faucet. Thank goodness no leaks! YAY!