Angry Birds Goody Bags

8:28 AM

I wanted to make cute fabric goody bags for my son's birthday party but was shocked to discover that Angry Birds fabric is hard to come by.  So, I improvised.

The design is pretty simple and is based on a picture i found for Angry Birds Space.

The process was pretty simple.  Here's what i did.

Total cost for a dozen goody bags was $8.  I bought 1 yard of plain red fabric (on sale), several pieces of felt, red ribbon.  I also used a glue gun.

I ended up not using the thread and opted instead to use a glue gun.  It was MUCH faster than sewing!
If your artistic, you can probably free hand draw the pattern.  If you're not so artistic, here's how you make a pattern.

So that i would have perfect circles, I used a bowl and a shot glass.
I used a bowl and a shot glass to draw the circles.  I made the triangles and the diamond without any help.

Next, cut out the shapes.

The large circle will be used for the eyes and the body.  Cut the large circle in half.

Next make the background for the eyes.

Fold a half circle in half and mark point.

Now for the body.  Take the other (uncut) half circle and fold it in half. 

Mark and cut this circle as pictured. 

This is what your circles should look like.

Now find the small circle.  Mark and cut as pictured.

This will be the white of the eye.

For the top of the beak, mark and cut the diamond as pictured.

Now your pattern is all ready.

If you are making 1 goody bag,

1 - black eye piece
1- brown body piece
2- white eye pieces
1- gold lower beak (large triangle)
1- purple tongue (small triangle)
1 - gold upper beak (diamond)

Cut 1 square of red fabric for the goody bag.

Next, lay everything out to make sure that it looks good to you.

Adjust everything so that it's sitting just right then sew or hot glue it all in place.

In terms of placement , i centered the face on the center front of the bag.  I sewed the ribbon tie just above the eyes.

Next, fold the angry bird face in half and sew the back seam.

sew the back seam
Next, adjust the bag so that the face will be flat.  Sew the bottom seem.

sew the bottom seam
Turn the bag, inside out.  Finish the top edge.

Now fill with goodies!!!!

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