How to make mama cloth (pad and pattern)

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This was my very first post on this blog.  That was a long time ago now!  The updated version of this post is HERE!

Making your own mama cloth is easy if you follow these simple directions.

You will need:
*  Absorbent top cloth (cotton or flannel)
*  Inset material (flannel, jersey knit, birdseye or terrycloth)
*  moisture proof backing (PUL, wool, fleece, suede cloth)
* snaps
* sewing machine
How to make the pattern:
Find a pad that you really like.  Place it on a piece of paper or plain cloth.   
Trace around the pad leaving about 1/2 an inch for seam allowance.

Cut out your pattern.

Fold the pattern in half twice.  Pin in place.

Trim around the pattern so that it is equal and even on all sides.

Now fold the pattern in half along the longest side.  Using a marker sketch the insert pattern.

Cut out the insert pattern and place it on the pad pattern.

This insert is too big.  So I trimmed it down to better fit the pad.

This is a picture of the pad insert cut to size.

How to make the pad.

Using the pad pattern, cut 1 top and 1 bottom.

 Using the insert pattern cut as many inserts as you need for the desired absorbancy.  I used old terrycloth washcloths.
For super absorbancy I used 4 terry inserts and 2 flannel inserts.

Stitch the inserts together.

Stitching the inserts all together makes it easy to sew them to the pad top.

Now pin the insert to the wrong side of the pad topper.  Sew around the insert edges.

Place the pad topper right side up.

Lay the pad bottom on the pad top.  Right sides together.

Stitch the top and bottom together.  Leave a 2 inch opening so you can turn the pad inside out.

Using the opening, turn the pad inside out.

Now use a pen or chopstick to push out the corners of the turned pad.

Topstitch the pad.  Sew all the way around making sure to close the opening you left for turning the pad.

Now add snaps, velcro or whatever kind of closure you prefer.

Now you have a new mamacloth pad!

Use this process to make pads of any size or absorbancy you like.

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  1. YAY! I can finally do some for myself. Except, I need a snap press. BUT I can make them while I wait for you know what to return anyway. The twins are keeping it at bay!

  2. Happy Sewing Mrs. N!

    You can find snap pliers on ebay. They run about $30 and come with snaps. Also, most fabric stores will carry some kind of snap press. I used to use the kind that you hammer on - like the ones from The Snap Source.

    Here's a tip: if you plan on making a whole stash of pads I suggest making the pattern out of cloth. That way you can pin them over and over again and they won't wear out.