Refashion - Plaid Skirt(s) and Duster

5:26 PM


When this skirt popped up on my IG feed I KNEW that I had to have it!

The problem was that it was $98 and it looked like way too much fabric for me.  So I made myself a more wearable version.  Here’s how:

I bought 8 plaid shirts from Goodwill (I only needed 2-3).  I cut the backs, fronts and sleeves from the shirts.

Next I cut the fabric into wide strips and sewed them together in a more or less patchwork pattern.

This patchwork became the fabric that I used to sew a basic maxi shirt with a pocket.  The skirt is basically a big tube with an elastic waist.  It’s a great project for beginners.

After i made this skirt I had a LOT of scraps left over.

My pile of scraps included a couple of pairs of men’s lounge pants and several shirts in VERY ratty condition.

One pair of lounge pants became a pencil skirt.

Another pair of lounge pants became a frayed hem peplum skirt.  I like the frayed hem on this skirt but I added fray check to make sure that it doesn’t fray too far.

Using an old pair of jeans, I made a tea length skirt.

Finally, I used the bodice of a shirt to make this duster. 

 I’m DYING to wear this with my leather leggings, and a black tank top this fall.

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  1. It looks like you've lost weight. I hope you haven't been sick. If not, will you blog about your lifestyle changes/meal plans/tips? Thanks.

    1. Hi Maria, I am doing very well - thanks for asking!

      Over the past 18 mos I’ve lost about 80 lbs. It never even occurred to me to blog about it but several people online have asked so I’ll probably write a post about it.

      What’s funny is that most of my recipes haven’t changed much.

      Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Your skirts are fun, but that duster! I have got to try to make one. Thanks so much for sharing!