DIY - Serving Tray

12:22 PM

DIY - Serving Tray
Serving Tray
It’s not uncommon for me to have lunch at my desk.  Sadly that means that I’m eating on a ugly paper tray or an ugly cafeteria tray.

My Lunch Tray
I REALLY needed a pretty lunch tray for work, so I made one!!

Ugly Company Lunch Tray
My version is a picture frame, spray paint and heavy cardboard.  That’s it!!!

I removed the picture glass and used the heavy cardboard that came with the frame.  

After gluing the cardboard in place with E6000 glue, I spray painted the frame and added drawer pulls for handles.

Two Sided Tray Mat
Using scrap fabric, I made a couple of tray mats.  These mats keep the tray clean and dry.  They’re two sided and machine washable.

A cloth napkin also works well as a tray liner!

Some of my tray mats include a cut out for a cup.

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