DIY Doggie Stroller

1:34 AM

DIY Doggie Stroller

This is without a doubt the easiest DIY I’ve ever done!

For this project you will need:
Infant Seat Stroller (in good condition)
Laundry Basket
Spray paint

I knew that I wanted a stroller with cup/phone holders and a basket underneath.  Because these strollers are used by parents for a short period of time, charity and resale shops typically have them readily available.

I bought this stroller for $25 at Once Upon A Child.

Car Seat Stroller
Make sure that the stroller includes the safety strap.

Basket underneath stroller

Cup Holder

I found a laundry basket that was the perfect fit for this stroller.

Basket fits snugly on stroller base
This basket fits snugly on the base.

Spray Paint the Basket

I painted this basket to match the color of the stroller.

Add Pillow
I found a pillow in my attic that fit securely in the the basket.  

Add a fabric cover to the pillow and securely attach it to the basket.

I made cuts in the fabric and tied it securely to the basket in 5-6 places.

Add Topper Blanket

KNOW YOUR DOG!!!  Some dogs might jump out of this open top stroller.  Ours won’t.  

If your dog is a jumper be sure to leash the puppy to the stroller.

Our girls LOVE this stroller!!!  Daisy sits up and watches the world go by.  Holly sleeps as soon as her feet hit the pillow.

SAFETY NOTE!!  Use the safety strap to secure the basket to the stroller.

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