DIY Jewelry Display Case

10:36 AM

Jewelry Display Case
A friend of mine needed a jewelry display case for a trade show.  I whipped one up out of a couple of picture frames.

Project Time: 2-3 days

Project Cost: About $50

For This Project You Will Need
2- 16x20 picture frames
Pegboard cut to 16 x 20 (available to Home Depot)
Matte black Spray paint
Liquid Nails
1 set of hinges
2 drawer handles
1 hasp closure

Tools Needed:
Screw driver

I found pegboard in the aisle that had small sheets of plywood and other “project” panels.  The good people at the store cut the panels to size.

I laid the panels out in the yard and spray painted both sides.  Allow the paint to dry between sides.  Depending on the paint you choose the panels may require 2 coats of paint.

Remove the Glass 

Fold Down Picture Tabs

Make Picture Tabs as Flat as Possible
Fold down the metal tabs that hold the glass in place.  Make them as flat as possible.  Remove the glass.  Install the painted pegboard panels. Smooth side facing out.

Use to metal picture tabs to hold the pegboard in place.

The rough side of the pegboard should face the back of the picture frame

On the back of the picture frames, use liquid nails to glue the pegboard in place.  Allow to dry overnight.

You will repeat this process with both picture frames.  Once the glue has dried overnight, spray paint it black.

Stack the completed display boards together.  Add two hinges.

Add the hasp closure and two handles to the top of the display case.

All Done!!!

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