HomeMade Ice Pops & Popsicles

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Homemade Ice Pops
I'm a big fan of cold treats.  Ice pops, ice cream, popsicles - give it to me  --  I want IT ALL!!!  In the winter I make ice pops for sore throat season.  In the summer I make them for hot summer days. 

Sugar Water Ice Pops
Instead of filling my kids (and myself) up with sugar water ice pops, I DIY'd the situation and made frozen fruit pops!

Homemade Fruit Pops
I prefer Zipzicle ice pop bags but honestly you can use any brand of mold you like.  Simply puree fresh fruit.

Puree fresh fruit
Add a little sweetener (if needed) and use a funnel to fill the molds.

Label the pops!
Be sure to label the pops!  (I always think i'll remember which is which and I NEVER do).

Fruit Juice Pops

Pureed fruit gives you a thicker, pulpy pop.  Fruit juice gives you a lighter pop.  My kids prefer pops made from juice.  I like pops from puree.

Blueberry Pops
Seal and freeze the pops overnight and you're good to go! 

Adult Ice Pops
Having a party, make adult pops with juice and wine or champagne.

Mix fruit
Get creative and mix your favorite fruits!  Strawberry, Watermelon, Mint is nice!

Kiwi Lime Pops
Kiwi Lime is a delicious mix!!!


1. Sweetening Fruit - If you need to sweeten a fruit puree or juice, use powdered sugar or simple syrup.  It dissolves and blends quickly and won't leave granules of sugar in your pop.  (To make simple syrup combine 1 part water and 1 part sugar.  Heat until sugar has melted.  Cool and use.)

2.  Use a chop stick or a straw to open the ice pop sleeve before you pour in mixture.  It will just make your life easier.

3.  When serving a frozen ice pop, cut the zip closure off.  This makes pops easy to enjoy.

4.  You are only limited by your imagination so be creative!

Here are a few other ideas:

* Freeze leftover breakfast smoothies.

* Freeze Yogurt and toss them in a lunch box (DIY Gogurt!)

* Make jello in ice pop sleeves

* Layer various fruits, juices and smoothie for rainbow pops


I typically buy ice pop molds from Amazon.  I pay about $10 for 100.  They are also available at Target, Walmart and similar stores.

Other Frozen Treats:

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Homemade Yogurt - make and freeze

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