She Shed Table Set

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She Shed Table Set
The more time I spend in my shed, the more creative ideas come to me.  When I decided that I needed more seating, I made this table and stool set.  I LOVE them!

DIY Table
 To make the table I bought a $10 wooden table top from Home Depot. The table top is screwed to a log from my back yard.  Do you remember that time a big tree fell in my back yard and I saved all the wood.  This log is from that tree.  Here's a link to more tree projects.

That time a tree fell in my yard

  I sponge painted the table top with 3 different shades of green craft paint.

Sponge painted
Once the paint dried I spray painted the table with clear spray paint.

Clear Spray Paint
The clear paint adds a protective coating and a bit of shine to the table.

Mushroom Stool
The stool also comes from the fallen tree in my yard.

Sanding the log
My son wanted to work on a project one day so he sanded and painted a log.

End Table Log
We used that log as an outdoor end table until I got another idea.

End table becomes a stool
I liked the log as a stool for the table, but it needed a cushion.

Using 1 yard of red polka dot fabric and a worn out throw pillow, I created a mushroom seat.  The fabric is stapled to the log.  I used a fat quarter of red fabric to make a ribbon to hide the staples.

Home Sweet She Shed!

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