She Shed on a Budget - The $270 She Shed

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Before and After
When I decided to make my She Shed I knew that I needed to do it on a budget.  Also, as a long time blogger and crafter, I wanted to make and blog about a project that would be easily doable by others.  So, here's how I made my She Shed on a shoestring budget.

Before the cleanout
 About 10 years ago I bought a display model shed with only 1 door from Home Depot.  It's an old Heartland Shed with built in shelves that was filled with junk.

Cleaned Out
Turns out 90% of what was in the shed was junk.  The remaining10 % fit into a small cabinet or in our crawl space.  Once I cleaned it out, I discovered that it was in pretty good shape.  Full disclosure : floor is crooked, but the building is structurally sound.

Work Table Supports

Folding Work Table

Hinge and Legs for the Folding Work Table
Using scrap wood, I created a folding work table for craft projects.  The legs cost $5.00 each.  The screw plates to attach the legs were $3/set.

Painting Day
Paint cost $18, but I got a $10 rebate.  The color looks white, but it's actually a very light yellow.

Sheets for the ceiling

After painting the walls I was too exhausted to paint the ceiling, so I draped it with sheets.  (I was also out of paint).  Two king size flat sheet from Walmart were $14/each.

Foam Floor Tiles

I used 5 packs of foam floor tiles for a cost of $100.

Spray paint and fabric for the shelves was $4 for 1 can of paint (Walmart) and $3/yard for fabric (Walmart).  $6 in fabric.

Door Curtains
The sheers that I use for the door were $8/panel at Walmart.  These also function as a screen.

Rag Rug
This no sew rag rug was the second most expensive project in the shed.  All in it cost about $40.  I spent $25 for 4 yards of fabric at Joann Fabric.  That gave me the green center.  The rug was too small so I made the rest of the rug with old sheets from my house and from Goodwill.

Paver Porch
The paver stones for the front porch cost $12.

Garage Sale Lamp Transformation
The lamp cost $5 at a garage sale.  The green spray paint was $4/can.  The flowers came from an old centerpiece.

Boxwood Wall
The painted on Boxwoods cost $3 in craft paint.

Painted Table Top
The Table set cost $10 for the top and $4 for the red dot fabric.

Literally everything else in this shed was old stuff from around my house.

This light fixture used to be a small bucket and a floral headband

Here are more pictures!

Ladybug from red scuplty and paint - They're all over the shed

This $4.99 Clock from Ikea tells the time and the temperature.I LOVE it!

The View from here

Work area - there's a sewing machine under that cover

Tutorials for many of these projects can be found HERE!

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  1. I love your shed! I am a little jealous too. It looks so fun.

  2. I absolutely love it!!!! Soooo creative! I always wished I was that creative. You gave me great ideas. Thank you ��