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My She Shed - The Transformation!
I'm in the process of turning my junk filled shed into a She Shed/Crafting Space.  So far this process has been a LOT of hard work.  Far more than I expected!  The good news is that I got a lot done over the long weekend.  This is my progress so far:

DAY 1 - The Clean Out
Friday after work I got started on cleaning out the pile of junk that was my shed.  Over the past decade it's been a place to stash any junky thing that we didn't want in the house.  Mostly tools and old gardening products.

Turns out the vast majority of what lived in the shed was trash!  We found other places to store the items that we wanted to keep.  Not many things went into the "keep" pile.

Building a folding table
DAY 2 - Folding Table and Paint
There are 2 shelving units mounted in the shed.  The space between the units is just wide enough to make a work table.  In all the shed is 8' x 10'.  That's not a lot of space!  So a folding work table is idea to conserve floor space.

Using scrap 2x4's, I constructed the wall supports for the table. I attached a piece of scrap wood to the mounts.

folding table

Using a hinge, I attached a slightly smaller piece of wood to the table.

Add a hinge

Legs from the hardware store completes the project.

Folding table

Next we painted.  And painted and painted!

The wood was so dry that it absorbed a LOT of the paint. But alas, we were done!  I was too exhausted from painting the walls to paint the ceiling.

DAY 3 - Ceiling Fabric
Instead of painting the ceiling I decided to drape it with fabric.  By fabric I mean 2 king size bed sheets from Wal Mart.

Draping the ceiling
I want to be clear here, I had NO IDEA what I was doing.  I just grabbed a corner of the sheet and started stapling.

Draping the ceiling

With no rhyme or reason I just kept stapling until the ceiling was covered and I was out of sheet.

Ceiling Cover
I stapled and stapled and eventually the ceiling was done.

Covered ceiling
The covering is FAR from perfect, but it's fine for now.  Maybe someday I'll paint the ceiling.  Just not now.

DAY 4 - Shelving and Floors
My plan was to paint the shelves bright yellow.  The edges of the shelves took the paint.  The inside of the shelves absorbed the paint.  So, plan B, I covered the inside of the shelves with fabric.

Before Fabric

During Fabric

I stapled waterproof outdoor fabric in place.

Covered shelves!

Finally, the floors
Almost from the beginning of this project I knew what I wanted to do with the floors.

Foam Tile Wood Floors

I wanted the floors to be something soft and fun.  Something that I could sit or stand on comfortably.  The wood print foam tiles were the most expensive part of this project, but they're TOTALLY worth the expense.

Wood look floors

My she shed is FAR from complete, but so far so good.
My son enjoying the new space.

She project still needs:

Flower Chandelier
Lighting Fixtures
Small Coffee Table
Fancy Chair for the work table

More She Shed posts coming soon.  Stay tuned!


There are lots more posts on this blog about my She Shed but I wanted to share the most important improvement. 

I designed this space so that I could enjoy a peaceful moment alone once in a while.  What I've discovered is that I mostly use it for crafting and from time to time I host guests.  My favorite and most frequent visitors are my dog and my family!  So much for "alone time" LOL!  Having them visit me in the Shed makes me so happy.  Turns out the best improvement I've made to the shed is my family! 

My guys peeking in on me
Here are a few other improvements:

Flower Lamp

Painted Wall and Rose Art

My hand painted bird houses

Painted Bird Houses
More Flower Art
Daisy comes to visit
My favorite books
Front Porch

The View

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  1. I'm so jealous of your she-shed! Looks so much lighter and brighter with the white paint.

    1. Thanks! I kind of want to go from town to town making She Shed for others. LOL!