A Tea Wallet Tale

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Custom Made Tea Wallet
As I write this blog its about a week before Christmas and I'm up to me eyeballs in Tea Wallets.  For the uninitiated, a tea wallet is exactly what it sounds like.  It's a wallet especially made for carrying around tea.  That is to say tea bags (not loose tea).

Closed Tea Wallet
I got started in the tea wallet business quite by accident.  You see, I was at a work conference when a co-worker whipped out a ziptop bag full of random tea bags.

Zip top bag of tea bags
Seizing the moment for high drama, I clutch my imaginary pearls and gasped dramatically!  "Oh honey" I exclaimed!  "You can't walk around with a zip top of tea bags!"  "Well how am I supposed to carry them" she inquired. "In a tea wallet - of course!" was my breathless responses.  My table mates laughed hysterically and swore that I was making it up.  I move in crafty circle so I'd seen tea wallets, but I'd never made one.

Stack of Tea Wallets
When I got back home I decided to make a tea wallet for my tea loving coworker.  Using scrap fabric from around my sewing room I whipped up a prototype.  It took a couple of tries to get something that fit my needs but before I knew it tea wallets were born.

First Tea Wallet
My first tea wallet was an 8 bag wallet with a starry, starry night theme.  I needed something that was simple to sew.  Starry, starry night fit the bill! 

Starry, Starry night
I handed out tea wallets to a dozen co-workers for free. I just wanted to see if they liked them.  Weeks later I had more orders than I could handle.  I made them in team colors, for bridal showers, as stocking stuffers and more!

Fredia Khalo Inspired Tea Wallet
I did a Fredia Khalo Inspired Tea Wallet!  When a school friend told me that her little girl loved tea and all things Paris - Parisian Tea Cup was created!

Parisian Tea Cup
Parisian Tea Cup Tea Wallet
Here are a few more samples of my adventures in tea wallets!

Dr. Suess


Rainbow Polkadots
Tea wallets are seasonal.  Meaning whenever I'm in the mood to make them they're in season.  When I'm not in the mood, they're out of season!

(when they're in season)

When they're out of season you can always just make you own.

Here's the patterns!

Here's the tutorial!

Happy SEWING!!!!


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