Handmade Holiday Gifts from One Brown Mom

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Handmade Holidays
There are a million handmade holiday gift ideas.  Here are a few of my favorites!  These gifts are all easy to make, won't break the bank and will be appreciated by the recipient of the gift.

Tea Wallets

What is a tea wallet you ask?  Well if you know someone who carries a collection of tea bags in a ziploc bag in her purse, she needs a tea wallet!  A tea wallet is a pretty, organized way to carry 8-12 tea bags in your purse, backpack or pocket.   I used to make and sell these in my etsy store.  They're fun and easy to make.

Tea Wallets
These wallets are usually made of 100% cotton and are machine washable.    Pick your favorite fabrics and sew one or lots of them.  This is the perfect gift for your tea loving friends!
The tutorial to make a Tea Wallet PATTERN is here!

The tutorial to make a Tea Wallet is here.

Lots of Tea Wallets

Tea Wallets

One Size Fits All Aprons

One Size Aprons
These aprons fit just about any size.  From little kids to plus size adults!

Fully Adjustable Aprons
My sister hosted a cupcake party for her Sunday school class.  The party was held between Sunday Morning and Sunday evening services so she needed the kids to stay clean while baking.  I made her a giant batch of these one size aprons.  These adjustable gems fit two year olds and adults alike.  They're fully adjustable and can be sewn in just a few minutes.

The tutorial for these aprons is HERE!

Flower Clutch

Flower clutch
I made this clutch to attend a party but it also makes a lovely holiday gift.  The tutorial for this bag includes the pattern and can be sewn in no time.  I made two of these bags from scrap fabric that I had around the sewing room.  Pinning an old broach to the center of the flower gives it nice upscale touch.

Clutch in Gold
Flower Clutch
Here is the link to the tutorial for the clutch!

Loom Knit Hat

My first knitting project
I really really wanted to learn now to knit simple projects but never seemed to find the time.  When my girlfriend taught her 5 year old to loom knit, I decided to give it a try.

Hat in progress
This hat was knitted on a simple wooden loom that I found at goodwill.  Start to finish the project took about an hour and a half.   It was easy and very fun to do!

Super fast to make
 Here the tutorial for loom knitting!

Tutu Dress

Refashioned Play Dress
My great niece (my sister's grandchild) LOVES to play dress up.  The problem is that most dress up clothes are poor quality and fall apart easily!  When I found a tutu dress at GoodWill I knew that I could make it into something fun and durable for playtime.
Since this dress was designed to be worn as a party dress it's machine washable (hang dry) and won't come apart at the seams.  The bodice of the dress was too sexy for a little kid, so I cut it off and added a regular top.

Regular Shirt
My niece LOVES this dress and so does her mom!

Sassy Princess!
Here's the tutorial for how I made this dress!

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  1. You have such a wonderful blog and I just love these ideas. You look like a really loving women and I wish you a really happy and healthy life ahead.