Braided Edge Fleece Blanket

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Braided Edge Fleece Blanket
I saw this technique and had to learn it!  I LOVE a warm cuddly fleece blanket!  The braided edge completes the look without the hardness of a knotted (no sew) edge.  (No judgment knot edge fans)

  This is NOT a NO SEW project.

Sewing Level - Beginner

For this project you will need:
2-3 yards good quality fleece
Sewing Machine 

Project time
1 Hour

Choosing Fleece
There are ALL KINDS of fleece available at your local fabric or craft store.  The major kinds of fleece are:

Blizzard Fleece - Many bright colors/patterns available.  Tends to be stiff even after washing.  Very warm.  1 sided pattern.  Expect to pay $10.99/yd* without a coupon.

Anti Pill - Many bright colors/patterns available.  Softer than Blizzard.  Good for blankets.  Not as warm as Blizzard. Minor shedding. 1 sided pattern. Expect to pay $12.99/yard* without a coupon.

Sew Lush - Limited colors/patterns available.  Softest option available.  Will shed while sewing. 2 sided pattern. Expect to pay $14.99/yard* without a coupon.  

Luxe - Limited colors/patterns available.  Very soft, very warm, great for blankets. 1 sided pattern Expect to pay $19.99/yard* without a coupon.

* These prices all come from Joann Fabric, November 2017.  You can almost ALWAYS find 1/2 off coupons for fleece.  JoAnn Fabric Coupons    Retail Me Not Coupons 

1 Sided Pattern means that if there is a design on the fabric it will be brighter on one side than the other.

2 Sided Pattern means that any design on the fabric will be equally bright on both sides of the fabric. 

Shedding:  Some types of fleece will shed more than others.  This means that while you're sewing bits of the fabric will be all over the place (your hands, your hair, your body and inside your sewing machine)  The completed project will not shed at all or will shed very little.  Cut edges of fabric shed.  Finished edges do not.   
IF YOUR PROJECT SHEDS:  once you're done sewing, toss it in the dryer for 15 minutes.  The dryer will capture the loose/shed fabric.  Or shake the finished project while standing outside.  After the 1st wash cycle the shedding should stop.  Clean your sewing machine well after sewing a shedding fabric.

Shop in Person!

If possible, buy fleece in person and not online.  Feel the fleece to make sure that you're getting the quality you expect!! 

How To Make A Braid Edge Blanket

Cut a 3" by 3" piece from each corner of the fleece.

Cut a 3" x 3" piece from each corner

Leave the selvage edge in place.  Fold the edges of the blanket over 2.5 - 3".

Fold the edged over.

Using a Zig zag stitch, sew the folded edge.

Zigzag stitch

Cut 1.5" wide slits in the blanket.

Cut slits in the blanket

Ready to braid
Starting at any corner, grab one of the cut loops.

Start at any corner
Pull the next loop through the first loop.

Pull the second loop through the first loop
Pull the next loop through the loop you're holding.

Pull the next loop through
Working one loop at a time, pull one loop through the next one all the way around the blanket. 

Work you way around the blanket.
When you get to the last loop, sew it in place.

Zigzag stitch the last loop to the blanket
That's it!  You're done!

Braided Edge Luxe Fleece

Braided Edge Sew Lush Fleece

Problems you can solve:
If a loop breaks - skip it and move to the next loop.  (I broke 2-3 loops when sewing the blue blanket.  Now I can't tell where those broken loops are.)

Tv Blanket
My kids use these blankets as their tv cuddle blankets.  

Nap pod blanket
I use my blanket in the napping pod at work!

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  1. Thanks for this tutorial, I am so excited to try it! You did a great job of showing step-by-step how to make it. How does the sew lush fleece work for this braided edge blanket? Does it shed on the raw edges? Thanks!

    1. The sew lush is a pain in the neck when it comes to cutting it. Once you’re done with the blanket toss it in the dryer for 20 minutes or so. The dryer catches all of the loose bits and it doesn’t shed after that.