Fallen Tree Projects

10:54 AM

Fallen Tree
So a 50+ year old tree fell in my backyard the other day.  We are sad to see our tree go.  It held our beloved Red Tree Swing and provided us lots of shade.

Before the fall
Red Tree Swing
Last Sunday she split open, the next day she fell.

Contractors have came out and cut up the tree but I INSISTED that they leave as much wood as possible.  Per my instructions they've cut the trunk into approximately 18" slices.

Tree slices
This will give us a LOT of firewood, plus enough wood to many. many craft projects.

Some of the larger slices are being sold (message me if you live near Bergen County and you'd like to buy some).  As for the rest of it - well I have a few ideas!  

Completed Projects

One of the kids helped me to arrange this little sitting area.
Seating area for the kids
My son suggested that we have Thanksgiving Dinner here.  I don't think my guests will be excited about this idea -- but based on the weather we'll wait and see.

My Project To Do List:

Here are some of the projects I plan to make.

Tree Stump End Table
This end table from West Elm is selling for $249.  This will be the first project I make.  Price tag $0!

Stump on wheels
This stump on wheels will be easy enough to recreate!

Flowered Stump
The flowered stump is very pretty and will look nice in my yard.

Painted Stumps
Painted stumps with cushion covers will look nice in front of our fireplace.

Natural Wood Coffee Table
This natural wood coffee table looks AWESOME, but at  $1492.00 - um-NO!  This should be easy enough to make.

Hairpin leg table
I like this hairpin leg wood table.  I don't know where I'll put all of this furniture, but I like the idea.

Glass and Wood stable with stools
Because of the ages of our children, I'm unlikely to make a glass top table, but it's not a bad idea!

Stump end table on Wheels
The stump end table on wheels is a great idea for our outdoor seating area.  

Bath side table
I love the idea of a bath side table that won't be harmed by moisture.

Other Ideas

Here are a few more ideas that I'm kicking around.

Stump Candles

Cushioned Stools

Painted Stumps

Multi stump outdoor table

Stump Planter

As I complete each project I'll post a step by step blog tutorial so stay tuned!!

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  1. A former neighbor made an outdoor chair from two wood slices -- one for the seat & one for the back. No clue how he cut them to connect but I'm sure you could figure it out!

    1. I've seen that here and there on pinterest. I know that lag bolts can hold the slices together but i'm not certain on the cuts. I've also seen wooden chair seats and backs mounded to stumps. I might try that. It seems easier.

  2. Sad tree story i love the fact that the narrator has managed to create some humor on how she intends to utilize every part of that tree fusing humor with literature nice piece.