Pattern Making - SlipCovers (Part 1)

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DIY Slipcover Pattern
We're hosting Thanksgiving this year.  Little by little I've been finishing up projects so that the house will be ready when guests arrive.

Last week I reupholstered our dining room chairs.

Reupholstered chairs
This week I'm working on making slip covers for a couple of chairs that I had sitting in the attic.

This chair needs a make over!

I bought these chairs (I have 2) at a garage sale several years ago.  They were in good shape when I bought them and they still have "good bones."  I wanted to make a slipcover that could be removed and washed when necessary.

Patched Hole
Somewhere along the line this chair got a large hole in the seat.  I patched the hole but it's not pretty.  I knew that a nice slipcover would hide my patch and bring this chair back to life!

This simple armless chair is a great project to practice slipcover pattern making.

For this project you will need:
Large piece of fabric (old sheets work well)
straight pins
sharpie marker

To make this process easier, I divided this chair up into 6 sections.


Pattern Sections
Pattern Sections

1 - top edge and sides of the chair back
2 - seat back
3 - seat top (cushion)
4 - lower side
5 - back
6 - lower front

Starting with section 1, I draped the fabric and pinned it in place.

draping fabric on section 1
Pull the fabric tight along the section and pin in place.

Pin in place
Use the marker to trace the edge of the section

Trace the section
Be sure to trace all of the edges of the section.

Trace all edges
Label the piece and cut it out.  Repeat this process for each section of the chair.

Complete pattern
Pin the pattern pieces to the chair and make any necessary adjustments.

Pin pieces to chair
Fold all of the pattern pieces together and label your pattern.

fold and label pattern
To use this pattern, place pattern pieces on upholstery fabric and cut around them leaving a 1/2" seam allowance.

Cut fabric using pattern
Sew the pieces together.  Fit them on the chair,  making any necessary adjustments.
Fit, adjust, sew

Part 2 of this tutorial - how to complete the chair is now posted - HERE!

Living Room Ready!

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