DIY Slip Covers - Part 2

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Reupholstered Chair
For the past few weeks I've been recovering things in this blue fabric that I found.   Originally I bought a few yards for my dining room chairs.  Here's the tutorial.

Dining Room Chair make over
Turns out I bought too much fabric and there was enough to do my arm chairs too.

Arm chair make over

After covering 6 chairs (4 chair seats and 2 arm chairs) there was still about a yard of fabric left.  That's when I got the bright idea to make a slip cover for chair that's been sitting in my attic.

Note: The slipcover project required about 2.25 yards of fabric to complete.

BEFORE the slipcover
This chair is well constructed but there was a giant rip in the seat.  I patched the rip with fabric glue and a piece of flannel but it was definitely not living room ready!

Slipcover pattern - DIY

Before I could make a slipcover for this chair, I needed to first make a pattern.  Pattern making is not difficult.  Its DOES, however, require a lot more time and patience than I thought.  You can find my pattern making tutorial HERE. 
Slip Cover Pattern
With pattern in hand, I was ready to make slipcovers!

Cutting out slipcovers
Once the pieces were cut, I pinned and stitched them together.

Pieces stitched together
After every few pieces I fit the cover on the chair and made necessary adjustments.

Fit and adjust the pattern as you go.
Fit, adjust sew, fit adjust, sew.  Continue this process after every few pieces until the slipcover fits just right.

Fit, adjust, sew

Once the slipcover is perfect, turn it inside out and stitch all of the seams again.  This is extra insurance against the seams pulling apart with wear.

Double stitch all seams
To attach the slip cover, pull it onto the chair and staple the fabric to the wooden chair frame.
Staple the slipcover in place.

Make sure that all of the staples lay flat.

Secure staples
That's it!


Back View
Living Room Ready!

Re Upholstered!


1. HAVE PATIENCE:  This is not a difficult project but it requires a LOT of patience.  WAY more patience than I thought.  The process of making the pattern, cutting, sew, fitting and securing the slipcover was completed bit by bit over the course of a week.

2.  Use forgiving fabric!  This is the first time I've ever made a slipcover and there are MANY imperfections in my work.  Because I used fabric with a random pattern most of my mistakes are invisible on the finished project.  If you're a first timer I encourage you to use woven fabric so that it has a bit of stretch.  Also avoid strips or obvious patterns that will need to be matched.

3.  This is physical process.  My body was sore when this project was complete.  Taking the slipcover on and off the chair, squatting to pin and flipping the chair from side to side and upside down was a real workout.  

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  1. Definitely worth the time & trouble. The slipcovered chair is gorgeous & you have extended its life, for (practically) free!

    1. Excellent point Maria! I almost forgot to mention that the cost of having furniture reupholstered is usually about the same cost as buying new. The cost of the fabric for this chair (including a coupon) was about $20! Labor time was probably about 8 hours over 4-5 days. A REAL BARGAIN!!!