Fresh Farmers Market Salsa

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Fresh Farmer's Market Salsa!
The best part of summer is easy access to lots of fresh produce!  Whip up this salsa with fresh ingredients from your local farmers market for a delicious burst of summer.

For this recipe you will need:
3-4 Ripe Tomatoes
1 small bunch of scallions or 1/2 an onion
1 bunch  fresh cilantro
1 small lime (or lemon)
Salt and pepper to taste

Optional ingredients
1-2 fresh Garlic cloves
1 small can of Tomato paste
1-2 ripe mango
1 - 15oz can black beans

Food Processor or a sharp knife
Cutting Board
Large Mixing Bowl
I make my salsa in a food processor.  You could also hand chop the ingredients.

Step 1 - Wash all veggies and remove any stems or roots.

Step 2 - Rough chop the veggies.  This means cut them small enough to fit into the food processor easily.  Cut tomatoes and onion into quarters.  Jalapenos can be used whole.

Rough Chop
Step 3 - Add 1/2 the bunch of cilantro, scallion and jalapenos to the food processor bowl.

Pulse the mixture until chopped.
Step 4 - Pulse the mixture until everything is chopped but still chunky.

Step 5 - Add tomatoes to the food processor.

Add fresh tomatoes
Step 6 - Pulse until tomatoes are chopped.

Step 7 - Transfer salsa to a bowl for seasoning.

Ready for seasoning
Add fresh squeezed lime (or lemon juice), salt & pepper to taste.

There is a long standing debate in my family about tomato paste in salsa.  I LOVE the thickness that tomato paste adds.  My mother is a purist and thinks that adding tomato paste should be a crime!  LOL!

Salsa with tomato paste
If a make a large batch of salsa I divide it up and make several versions.

Salsa with black beans makes an excellent dip.

Salsa with black beans

Salsa with black beans and mango is my favorite summer time dinner!

Salsa with black beans and mango
A word about mangoes.  I have very strong feelings about mangoes.  I LOVE them!!!  I strongly prefer manila/champagne mangoes.  I think that they're smoother, juicer and have better mouth feel than other mangoes.

Manila Mango (left) Tommy Adkins Mango (right)
Most grocery stores carry both Tommy Adkins and Manila Mangoes.  If you have a choice, try the manila variety.

Cutting your mango
Turn the mango on its side and slice the flesh away from the seed.

Cut the flesh into strips
Cut the flesh into strips.  Be careful not to cut through the skin of the fruit.

Cut the fruit into squares
Slice the strips into squares.  Careful not to cut through the mango skin.

Run your knife along the bottom of the fruit.
With the mango on the cutting board, slice the knife along the bottom edge of the fruit.  Your knife will be between the mango fruit and the skin.

Use the cubed fruit in your favorite dish!

Salsa stores well in mason jars!

Ready for the fridge.
You can freeze salsa!  Freeze in plastic containers and thaw it in the refrigerator over night.

Breakfast of Champions!
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Easy Farmer's Market Salsa
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