Easy Sewing Project - One Size Apron

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Easy Sew Aprons
This project started because my sister asked me to make aprons for her Sunday School class.  The kids were coming over for a cupcake party and she didn't want them to get their clothes dirty while they baked.  It seemed like an easy enough task until I realized that she wanted me to make 13 aprons in about a week!  Eek!  Also the kids range in age from 3-10.  Double EEK!  To save time (and my sanity) I decided to make adjustable size unisex aprons.

Flour Sack Towels
I was able to make all 13 aprons in about 4 hours.  That's 20 minutes a piece, including ironing.  Not too shabby!  These easy aprons are made from flour sack towels that I got from Target.  Here's how it's done.

For this project you will need:
(1 apron)
30"x 30" flour sack towel
3.5 yards of 1/2" twill tape

Sewing machine
Safety Pin

Flour sack towels come in wide variety of colors and sizes.  They tend to be about 30" x 30".  Some are a little smaller.  As long as they are about 30 x 30 you'll be in good shape.  Twill tape is available at any fabric or craft store.  Because I was making a lot of aprons I bought a 100 ft roll on Amazon for about $18.00

1/2" Twill tape
For best results wash the towels before you start this project.  Flour sack towels are 100% cotton and they will shrink.  It's best to get the shrinking out of the way before you start this project.

Iron the towel
Iron the freshly washed towel until it is nice and flat.  
Mark the center of the towel
Fold the towel in half  and iron again.  This will create a crease at the center of the towel.

Fold and iron the sides
Fold and iron the sides of the towel as pictured.  

Fold the towel - iron in place
The top (narrow) edge of the towel should be approx 8" across.

Cut the towel 2" past the fold
Cut the corner of the towel 2" past the fold.
Turn and stitch the fold

Turn and stitch both folded corners.  

All done sewing

Now you're ready to add twill tape.  

Pin one end of the twill tape

Pin a safety pin to one end of the twill tape.

Thread the tape
Thread the twill tape though the channel you've created.

Make neck loop
The twill tape will go through one side of the apron, across the neck opening and down the other channel.

Out the other side
Tie a knot in each end of the tape.

Tie a knot in each end of the tape.

Your apron is ready to wear!!!

Adult Size
My favorite thing about this apron is that it's adjustable and fits both children and adults.

Kid Sizes
To adjust this apron to fit a child, gather the fabric on the sides until it's the size you need.

Adjustable Apron
All 3 of these aprons are the same size, adjusted to fit as needed.

One Size Fits All
Aprons of all colors!
Sunday School Class in their aprons


Use contrasting fabric to add a pocket if you like!

Add a pocket

To add a pocket, cut the pocket to the size you prefer.  Turn and iron all 4 edges.

Iron the edges
Pin and stitch the pocket in place.

Pin and stitch

Easy one size apron!!

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