Cold Brew Ice Coffee

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Cold Brew Coffee Deliciousness
Apparently Cold Brewed Coffee is all the rage right now.  I could not figure out why it was a big deal.  Then I tasted it!!!  OMGoodness.  If you're an iced coffee fan and you haven't had cold brew you're REALLY missing out!

Cold Brew is SUPER easy to make and is MUCH smoother than coffee made with heat.  In the absence of heat, the coffee beans give off more caffeine and reveal their natural sweetness.  ALSO, cold brew is less bitter than hot brew coffee.

For this recipe you will need:
Pitcher or Container
Kitchen Strainer

This is not a sponsored post - lord how I wish it was!!!  Hey Starbucks, Teavana and Chock Full o' Nuts, how about you send me some free stuff!

My favorite Coffee
Because cold brew coffee sits in the water for longer than hot brew it releases more caffeine.  I chose 1/2 caffeine coffee so that I'm not over caffeinated.

Teavana Pure Blue Infusion Pitcher 66oz
You can use any kind of container to make this coffee.  I use the 66 oz. Teavana Pure Blue Infusion Pitcher.  The benefit of this pitcher is that I don't have to strain the coffee from the water.

Mason Jar works great
 Before I bought my iced tea pitcher, I used a mason jar.  It worked just fine.


Small Batch 
1/2 c ground coffee
3 cups cold water

Large Batch
1 cup ground coffee
6 cups cold water

Combine the water and coffee.  Refrigerate for approx. 12 hours.  I prepare this coffee in the evening and drink it for breakfast.

At first it looks like there's nothing happening.

Still Brewing
After a while you'll see a dark coffee cloud begin to form in the container.

STRAINING the Coffee

When I make cold brew in an iced tea pitcher, I simply remove the strainer and toss out the spent coffee.

removable strainer
When I make cold brew in a mason jar I pour the coffee in a kitchen strainer lined with cheese cloth, coffee filter or muslin.

Strain your coffee
The are a LOT of gadgets on the market for straining cold brew.  Use the one you like best!

The Yummy Life Cold Brew Set

Reusable Coffee Filter from Uncommon Good
Super Simple Method
Honestly. all of these methods work equally well.  Because I make cold brew only once or twice a week, I prefer my iced tea pitcher.

Because cold brew can be very strong, people usually drink it with milk or cream.  Before you decide how you'll drink it, taste it first!

Taste it before you add milk or sugar

I like my cold brew with a Silk Almond Creamer and lots of ice!

Poured into my reusable Starbucks Cup and I'm ready for the day!

Breakfast of Champions!

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