Large Utility Tote from Thirty One - Hardcore Multi Taker!

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This is NOT a sponsored post!  Just me giving my opinion on a product that I use and enjoy!

31 Things This Tote Can Do
Anybody who knows me understands that i'm a hard core multi takers.  If I can do two things WELL at once - great.  The key word there is WELL!

Large Utility Tote from Thirty One

There are a LOT of multi tasking products around my house but right now this is my personal favorite.  It's the Large Utility Tote from Thirty One.

Inside View
Here are the deets on this bag.  It's 11.75"High x 21.5" Long x 10" Deep.  It collapses flat for easy storage and best of all it's only $35.
Side View

There are a BUNCH of colors available!

Click the picture to see color choices

Better than all of that though, are all of the cool things you can do with this bag.  Here are a few:

Book Storage

Puppy Carrier!
Pantry Organizer

Picnic for the entire family in just 1 bag!

I feel like a good tote needs a lid!!  This tote has that too!

Tote with Lid

Add a couple of Dollar Store Bins and make sections

Dance Mom Bag

Car Trunk Organizer

Shoe Storage

Pick Your Own Hauler

Portable Office
Add a couple of Fold n Files to make a portable office!
Here's the link for the Fold N File

Make Shift Crib!

Craft Supply Storage
Double Duty Caddy

Here's the link for the Double Duty Caddy!

Wine Store Carry All

Closet Organizer!

Grocery Store Carry All

Stand Tall Insert
If you need the bag to have stiff sides or a firm bottom,  you could order the Stand Tall Insert from

Bag with insert

Or you could make your own insert from the from that the product is delivered in.
DIY Cardboard Insert

Click here to see more item from Thirty One.  

Click here for home organization ideas!

Useful Links:

Large Utility Tote

Tote Lid

Fold N File

Double Duty Caddy

Stand Tall Insert

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