Doll House Make Over - Part 1

3:53 PM

Front View
Side View

Back View
Recently I found a naked wood doll house at the thrift store for $4.95.  A few days later, we were hit with a big snow storm.  So while everyone was stocking up on milk and bread I hit the craft store!

Nice and Cheap!

$26 worth of paint and scrapbook paper
This house is such a labor of love!  I still need to add finishing touches and decorate each room.  This is what i've done so far...

To prepare the house for painting I wiped it down with soap and water and allowed it to dry completely. I sanded rough patched and removed the existing curtains.  This house was painted during Winter Storm Stella.  If I had been able to go outside I would have spray painted the interior and exterior with white paint.

Painting the ceilings
Instead of spray paint, I turned the house on its side and painting the ceilings white.  The wood was very dry and 3 coats of paint were required.

Painting the interior walls
Next I painted the interior walls of the house, leaving the back wall of each room unpainted.

Naked Exterior
While the interior walls dried, I painted the exterior of the house light blue.

Exterior Blue

Once all of the interior walls were dry, I painted the floors.  Each room would have a dark floor and light walls.

Kitchen Floor
Living Room Floor

Bathroom / 2nd Bedroom Floor

Master Bedroom Floor
Each floor took 2-3 coats of paint.  While they dried, I sketched the exterior features on the house.

Tree Sketch

Shutters and flower box sketch
Then I filled in the sketches

Painting on shutters
Painted on shutters and flower boxes
I combined 2 shades of brown the make the tree

Brown for the tree
I dipped one half of the brush in each color to paint the tree trunk.

Tree painting
I filled in the outline of the tree trunk and branches.

Beginnings of the tree

While the exterior dried, I taped off and painted the walls.

Painting the walls

Once the walls were dry I created patterns to wall paper in each room.  To create patterns, I stuffed a piece of plain paper into each room.

Creating a pattern
I folded and cut the paper until it fit the back wall of the room.

Getting the pattern just right.
I dry fit the paper again and again until it was exactly the size of the back wall of the room.

A perfect fit!

Using a pencil I poked a hole in each corner of the window.

Poke holes in window corners

Using the holes as guides, I drew a square for the window.

Window template
Making window template
Cut out the window and dry fit the pattern.

A Perfect fit!
Trace the pattern on to scrapbook paper.

Trace the pattern
Carefully Cut Out The Window

Ready to go!

This process is repeated for each room.

Bathroom Before
Bathroom After

Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom After

Part 2 of the house make over will cover painting trees and flowres and adding finishing touches to the shutters.

Next time - Flowers/Shutters

Next Time - Tree Painting

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