DIY Doll House Furniture

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I Love Doll houses (even though I only have sons).  Here are some of my favorite DIY Dollhouse Furniture and House fixings.

Popsicle Stick Hard Wood Floors

Hit the "translate" button to find the tutorial in your desired language.

Beautiful Hard Wood Floors!

This simple hard wood floor project is very creative and easy to do with items from the craft store.  See the complete tutorial at Miss Cutie Pie!

Sofa from Sponges
This is such a smart idea!  I wish i'd thought of it!

Get the Step by Step Tutorial at Otterine's Minitures.

Bottle Cap Ottoman

So Clever!
These bottle cap ottomans are an innovative use of bottle caps!

Looks to real

Beads for feet
Deborah, the genius behind this creation doesn't seem to have a website or blog, but there is a picture tutorial HERE on Flickr.

Dining Room Table

The mom behind Preppy Mom could also call herself crafty mom!  Look at this fantastic table she created from craft store supplies.

Glue Spindles to a wood plank
A little spray paint and you're all done!
The tutorial for his table and an entire house of furniture is on the Preppy Mom Craft Blog.

Fireplace from a Picture Frame

Cut a picture frame in half and your dollhouse gets a fireplace!!

Decorative Fireplace!

Start with a small picture frame
A bit of paint to complete the look!

This gem of an idea comes to us from Pino's Mini's.  Look for the translate button!

Paper Wings Blog

The Paper Wings blog is a gold mind of great furniture ideas!

Tub from a Softener Bottle

Toilet from dental floss container and a shampoo cap

Beds from bookends

Washer Dryer from a broken couch leg

Stove and Counter from a wooden block

You'll never see your odds and ends the same way again after visiting the Paper Wings site!

Other DIY dollhouse furniture.

Living Room Set

Bedroom Set with Table

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  1. This is so adorable! I'm a mom of sons too and haven't had a dollhouse since I was a little girl.

  2. Wow!! Love the fire place idea. I'll be scouring the charity shops, saving a few pounds myself and helping a charity also.