Project - Spread a Little Love

3:58 PM

 A couple of weeks ago I decided to teach myself to crochet.  I was told that a crochet heart was an easy beginner project.  It's an "easy after you figure out how to do it" project.  Nevertheless, I persist!

Here are the two YouTube Videos I used to teach myself how to crochet a heart.

When i'm learning a new skill I ALWAYS watch at least 2 videos.  The video's have to be fairly short - these are!

Here are the first hearts I made:

First hearts I crocheted

My trial hearts were ok, but I wanted to get better.  So I practiced.  And practiced and practiced.

 I tired all different colors and weights of yarn until I could crochet a heart easily.

Now I have a new problem.  What am I going to do with all of these hearts.  I certainly don't need this many!  Then an idea struck me!

I've started passing them out to stranger on the street or leaving them in places to be found.

Dressing Room Love
  I went to get my annual mammogram the other day.  It's a test which, for me, is no big deal.  I expected and received good news.  I know that some women will come to that dressing room with fear and anxiety.  Some won't get great news.  So I left a little heart for whoever was coming after me.

This morning as I passed through Time Square on my way to work I tapped a stranger on the shoulder, handed her a heart and silently walked away.  It's the best feeling ever!

Truth is, people will ascribe whatever meaning they need to to these little hearts.  For me - it's just a nice way to spread a little love.

Please join me in spreading a little love! 

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