ReFashion: Circle Skirt from a Duvet

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Circle Skirt from a Duvet
Over the years i've made a LOT of circle skirt/dresses on this blog.  This skirt is no different.  This time instead of making a dress, I left the skirt a skirt.

Daisy and the Duvet
This skirt started out as a queen size duvet.  Because a duvet is 2 layers, the first thing I needed to do was to cut the 2 layers apart.

Cut along seam
Cutting along the seams of the duvet, I cut it into 2 pieces of fabric.

2 layers cut apart


Fold 1 layer of the duvet into a neat square.

Fold into a square

Find the center point of the fabric.  This will be the center of your skirt.

Identify the center point of the fabric
Fold  the left corner across to meet the right corner and create a triangle.  Finally, fold the right corner across to create a cone shape.

Know your center point
 Using your hands press the fabric flat to remove creases and so that you get a smooth cut.

Cut the bottom edge of the skirt
Carefully cut a straight line through all layers of the fabric.

Bottom Edge removed.
  Now cut the center point of the fabric.

Remove the center point of the fabric
That's it - You're all done cutting!

Done cutting!
If you open the fabric you will have 1 large seamless circle.

Seamless Circle 

The waist edge (top edge) of the skirt should be hemmed to accommodate elastic.  Turn the top edge of the skirt down about 1".  Press in place, then stitch all the way around the skirt.

Stitch the waist line
Leave a space open in the hem so that you can thread the elastic though.

Leave an opening for elastic
Measure enough 3/4" elastic to fit around your waist.  Thread the elastic though the waistline hem.
Thread 3/4" elastic through the waistline

This can be a One Size Fits All / Maternity all skirt!
If you are expecting, cut the waist hole larger than you need.  Thread the waist hem with 2 yards of 1/4" elastic.  This will allow you to wear the skirt for your entire pregnancy.  Once your body is at it's post pregnancy size, add elastic that fits your waist.

Creating a draw string waist is also helpful is your share clothes with friends or if your size is changing.

Bottom Hem:

Turn down  and press the bottom hem of the shirt.

Turn and press the bottom hem
For a more finished look, I typically turn the hem twice.

Turn down twice

Stitch the hem.  I like a double stitch.

Double stitched hem

A note about skirt length:  

I am 5'2" tall, dress size 18.  I routinely make skirts/dresses out of bed linens.   I have found that for me:
King Size Sheet = Very Long Floor Length Skirt
Queen Size Sheet = Ankle length skirt  
Full Size Sheet = Tea Length skirt
Twin Size Sheet = Knee Length skirt

If you are using fabric and not linens, it's probably a good idea to use a circle skirt calculator.  There are MANY of them online.

Circle Skirt Calculator
You enter the desired length of the shirt and your waist size.  The calculator will tell you exactly how much fabric to purchase.

Disclaimer:  Because I've always used vintage linens, I've never never used these calculators, but I know that some people love them!

Circle Skirt Calculator

Here are other circle skirts/dresses I've made using this method.

Dress made from sheet + yoga pants

Dress from a sheet and yoga pants

Dress from a Duvet

This circle skirt works great for tall people.
I'm on team short girls - but look how great this is on someone tall!

Dress from a Duvet

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