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Loom knitting 101
There are women in my family who are amazing craftswoman and can knit anything.  I am NOT one of those women.  I can, however, knit a basic hat in the time it takes to watch a movie on Netflix.  Maybe this post should be called "Netflix and knit" but I digress.

My adventures in knitting started when I found a wooden circle loom on sale at Goodwill.  In the past year I've knitted maybe 8 hats so the loom has paid for itself!

For this project you will need:
Circle Loom
Loom knitting hook
All of these items should come with the loom.  It they didn't they're available separately at any craft store or Walmart/Target type store.

NOTE:  These items are sometimes found in the craft section and sometimes found in the TOY section.  Yes this is a children's project which means it's pretty doggone simple - don't judge me!

Everything you need should come in the box!

You'll also need 1 skein of yarn. #6 weight.
Super Bulky #6 yard
I've learned the hard way that getting the correct weight yarn is important.  Otherwise your hat won't be warm!  OR the thread will be to fat to work on your loom.

My loom!
I learned to knit using the Internet and you tube videos.  My technique is not perfect but my hats still keep your head warm!  I chose grey yarn with a bit of sparkle.  This one skein of yarn made 1 hat.

My yarn

       Now on to the knitting!  Find the peg that is on the side of the loom (the anchor peg).  Wrap the yarn around that peg 3-4 times.  This will anchor your thread.

wrap thread around the anchor thread
Now proceed to the first peg on the top of the loom.

Wrap the thread around the first peg
 Loosely wrap the thread around the first peg 3 times.

wrap 3 times
Using your hook pull the middle thread over the top thread and all the way off the peg.  Proceed to the next peg.  Wrap the yarn around the second peg 2 times.  Pull the bottom thread over the top thread and off the peg.

wrap the second peg 2 times
Now move to the 3rd peg.  Wrap the thread 2 times.  Pull the bottom thread over the top thread and off the peg.

This process is called "casting on".  Continue casting on until you've gone all the way around the loom.

Remember to cast on, wrap each peg 2 times. pull the bottom thread over the top thread. 

first row cast on
When you get back to the first peg, wrap the yarn around the peg 1 time.  Pull the bottom thread over the top thread and off the peg.

wrap the first thread 1 time
Continuing knitting around the circle by wrapping each peg with 1 loop of yarn.  Then pull the bottom loop over the top loop and off the peg.  For a little while it feels like nothing is happening, but before you know it, Kevin Spacey has killed a dog (sorry - house of cards reference) and you've got something that looks like knitting!

Knitting is underway!
Now, just keep going!

 How quickly you progress depends on how soon you find a rhythm.  It's just the same step over and over again until your knitting looks hat like.

Keep knitting!!
The bottom edge of your hat will begin to curl onto itself just a bit.  Don't panic, just keep knitting!

Bottom edge curl
 You'll keep knitting and soon you'll have a lot to show for your effort!

More progress.
After a while you'll wonder if you've knit enough to have a real hat.  There are all kinds of fancy measuring techniques to figure this out.  I simply try it on!

Have I knit enough yet?
I wanted a hat that came down over my ears with room left in the top of the hat.  Not done yet!  Keep knitting until your hat looks and fits right for your needs!

Finally done!
Once you've knit enough for a hat, it's time to bind off.

Locate the first peg that you knit.  (it's right near the anchor peg).
Find the anchor peg
Take the loop from the second peg and put it over the first peg.

Move the second peg thread to the first peg
 Now pull the bottom thread over the top thread and off the peg.

Pull the bottom thread over the top thread
Move the thread on peg 1, back to peg 2.

Move the thread back to peg 2
 Repeat this step moving around the loom.

Continue to bind off
Continue to bind off until you reach the last peg.
leave a 4-5 in. tail
Cut the thread leaving a 4-5" tail.

 Pull the tail through the last thread loop.

Done binding off!
Thread the needle with the tail.

Thread the needle with the tail
Now weave the tail through the knit stitches on the hat.

weave tail

Cut off any remaining thread after you've weaved as much tail as you can.

Snip end of tail if necessary
Bound edge
One edge of your hat will feel loose and stretchy.  The edge that you bound off will be less stretchy.

loosely stitch the bound edge
Turn the hat inside out.  Cut a length of yard and loosely sew the bound edge together to form the top of the hat.

Pull the threads to gather the hat
Pull the threads to gather the top of the hat.

Tie several tight knots
Tie the threads in a tight knot.  Knotting 2-3 times.


Now turn the hat on the right side - you're all done!!!

Loom knitting success

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  1. Atta girl, Kat!! I always KNEW there was a knitter in you! :o)