DIY - Adult Tree Swing

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Adult Tree Swing
Once the idea for an adult tree swing popped into my head it would not go away.  What choice did I have but to build one!?

This is a VERY simple tree swing that was inexpensive to build.  I spent about $30 on lumber, a clamp and paint.  I'll use the clamp on a million other projects so it's probably not fair to include it in the cost of this build.  Without the clamp this project cost $16.  (I already had the rope).

Gather your supplies!
In the spirit of full disclosure, this project is pretty easy, but in some ways was also harder than I expected.   If I had had a dedicated workshop things would have gone more smoothly.  Having to create a work bench on the fly (using my laundry table) made securely clamping the kreg jig and drilling the holes a pain in the neck!

For this project you will need:

2x4 wood planks
kreg jig
electric drill
3/4" paddle bit
8 - 2.5" Wood Screws
2.5" Kreg Screws
Paint (I used spray paint)
Rope (read the weight limit carefully)

I had the hardware store cut my wood to size.  I has 1-2x4 cut into 2- 36" sections.  I had 1-2x3 cut into 1- 36" section and 2 - 9" sections.

Back at home I used the kreg jig to drill pocket holes in the wood

drill pocket holes

I drilled pocket holes along the edges to be joined.  There was no real rhyme or reason for my placement of the holes.

Glue the boards before your screw them together
Wood glue the planks together.

Clamp the boards together
Clamp the planks together.

Screw the boards together

Screw the wood together via the pocket holes.  Leave everything to dry over night.

Paddle bit for rope holes
Using the wood screws, attach the 9" cross braces to either end of the swing.
Drill holes for the rope
Using the paddle drill the holes for the rope.

Sand the swing
Sand the swing until it's nice and smooth, then wipe it down with a clean damp cloth.  Once the wood is dry it's ready to paint.

High Gloss Paint
Apply at least 2 coats of paint to both sides of the swing - I prefer a high gloss paint.

Freshly painted!

Once the paint is dry the swing is ready to hang!!

I had not anticipated how heavy the swing would be.  Because this swing is 3 feet wide, it's VERY heavy!  My rope will support 500 lbs, so it's fine.

Thread the rope through the holes on the swing
Hang the swing from a tree.

I didn't like the rope that was hanging down from the swing so I wrapped the rope around itself. 


Finally - there are ALL KINDS of youtube videos on how to property hang a tree swing.  My version is not fancy AT ALL.  I tossed a weighted rope over a strong branch and hung the swing.  I tied each end of the rope with a bunch of knots so that it would not fall.

Simple Hanging strategy

Totally Happiness!

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