Cooking - Fire Roasted Peppers

1:42 PM

Fire Roasted Peppers
Making fire roaster peppers is quick and easy.  They also add a delicious smokey taste to recipes.  I like to roast poblano peppers, but you can use this technique to roast any kind of pepper.

Wash and dry your pepper.

Roast on gas stove
With fire set to medium heat, place the pepper on a gas stove.  USING TONGS, turn the pepper.

Not done yet
Roast the pepper until it is black on all sides.

Once the pepper is black on all sides, remove it from the heat and place it in a plastic bag.

place roasted pepper in a plastic back.

Seal the bag and allow the pepper to rest and cool for about 10 minutes.  The inside of the bag will steam up.

With the pepper still inside the bag, rub the pepper to remove the skin.

Remove the pepper from the bag, leaving the skin inside the bag.

Your pepper is ready to be chopped and used in a recipe!


The seeds in a pepper add heat.  For added heat, use the peppers and the seeds.  For less heat remove the seeds.  I like a medium amount of heat so I remove about 1/2 of the seeds.

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