Refashion: Learning To Refashion - Lesson #2

5:13 AM

Dress ReFashion

From time to time I teach sewing classes in my home.  All of my students are really wonderful, but one is progressing very quickly!  Here's the link to Ayana's first refashioned dress.  She did a wonderful job.  Today she came to my house to make a second dress.

Ayana wanted to make a refashioned dress, so she stopped by ReFashioner's paradise: Goodwill.  This dress is made from a sequined top and a twin size, jersey knit sheet.

We folded the sheet in half twice, then folded down one corner.

At the longest point, we cut the sheet into a circle.

At the point of the sheet, we cut the waistline.

Now, time to work on the top.

Ayana tried on the top and placed a straight pin where she wanted to cut

We folded the top in half and cut just below the pin.

With the right sides together, we sewed the shirt to the top.

Ayana did a beautiful job!!!

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  1. Wow, that is a great dress. You made it all sound so easy