ReFashion - Learning To ReFashion

3:46 PM

First Time Refashioner
Recently a friend of mine called to say that she wanted to learn to sew dresses.  She asked if I could help her learn to read a pattern.  I suggested that it might be easier to try to refashion.  Since's she's a beginner ReFashioning takes less time and costs a LOT less since you can do it using your old clothes.

Linen Shirt
Pleated Skirt
We started with something easy - turning separates into a dress.

Fold the shirt in 1/2 and cut to desired length
We cut the elastic waist band from the skirt and sewed the 2 together.

That's it!

This project is ideal for a first time refashioner.  My friend LOVES her dress and promises to send action shots when she has them.

Another super easy first time refashion project is turning pants into a skirt.  For more tips and tricks, click here!

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