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Dress from a Shower Curtain
Remember a while back when I made a dress out of a bedsheet and an old pair of yoga pants?  Well that dress inspired me to try and make dresses out of other household linens.

Recently I discovered a shower curtain at Goodwill that I just LOVED!

Goodwill Shower Curtain
Everything about this curtain scream I'M A DRESS - trapped in a shower curtain body!   And so I set that dress free!

This project was pretty easy.

I removed the grommets

Snip, snip, snip

I removed the hem from the bottom edge of the curtain.

Remove the hem
While I was at Goodwill I found a good quality polo shirt.

Ralph Lauren Polo
I selected a shirt that fit well so that it would not need to be tailored.  For this dress I removed the sleeves and the collar and cut the shirt to my desired length

Cut the shirt to length

I'm a plus size girl, so I turned the curtain horizontally so i'd have lots and lots of gathers.  This fabric is stiff and took time to gather and sew to a waist band.  Once I had a gathered skirt I sewed it to the shirt.

That's it!
I LOVE the way this dress came out but it's a LOT of gathers!!!!  I prefer to wear it with a tied collar shirt to tame some of the bulk of the shirt.

A dress like this needs good jewelry

Add a little bling!

All done!

I've made dresses from other household linens too:

Here's a dress I made a bedsheet and a pair of yoga pants.

Dress from a bedsheet

As always, you've got to have good bling!
This dress is made from a duvet!

Dress from a bedspread

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