CRAFTS- DIY Dollhouse - Dining Room Set

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DIY Dollhouse Dining Room Set
Most of the doll house furniture I've made started off as a set of Kidz Kraft blocks from Walmart.  I found this set unlabeled in a clearance bin and I snapped them right up!

Kidz Kraft Blocks
I was playing around with the blocks trying to find inspiration when I noticed these 2 blocks laying side by side.

inspiration for a chair!

I placed them side by side and voila!  Chair!

Like with the living room set, I drilled a couple of holes and nailed then glued these pieces together.

drill bit for cordless screwdriver

drill pilot holes for nails
Glue the pieces in place

use nails + plus to secure pieces together

Allow the glue to dry completely

Allow the chairs to dry completely!

tiny craft store beads
Now it's time to decorate the chairs!

I covered the backs of the chairs in regular tacky glue and poured beads on top.

Bead back chairs
 Allow the glue to dry overnight.

To seal the beads in place over the beads with a new layer of glue and allow them to dry overnight.

Seal the beads with a final layer of glue
I left the seats of the chairs bead free so that people could hit on them.

no beads on seats

Now for the dining table.

Doll house dining table

This table is made from scrap wood.  The table top is a piece of 1x2 wood plank.

1x2 wood plank
The base if a piece of 2x2 wood

2x2 wood

The 2x2 wood required a LOT of sanding to make it smooth.

I nailed and glued the pieces together and painted them with 3 layers of glitter paint.

Dining Set

That's it!  SUPER easy!

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