Crafts - DIY Dollhouse Furniture - Part 1

9:21 PM

A couple of years ago I made my kids a doll house.  Because they are boys I called it  "play house".   The play house was home to Mario and Luigi and Princess Peach for a couple of years, but now it sits empty.  My friends have daughters and they need something to play with when they're here so I decided to refresh the pay house!

My inspiration for the majority of this furniture started with a pack of kids blocks from WalMart.  First i'll show you the finished pieces, then i'll break down the step by step.

Bedroom set
 The beds are made from 1x2 pieces of scrap wood.  The lamp is a wooden knob and an empty tape roll.

Bedroom set version #2
 The end table and chair are from a set of kids blocks from Walmart.

Dining Room Set
 The chairs are blocks.

Living Room Set
 The living room set is made from blocks.

The bedspreads are felt squares folded down and stitched across the top.

Bed without bedspread
 Here's an "unmade" bed.  The fitted sheet is painted on with glitter paint.

End table
This end table is an old belt buckle, puff paint and a block.

Dining Table

The dining room table is a piece of 1x2 and a scrap piece of 2x2 wood.

Living Room
My next blog post will include a complete step by step guide to making these pieces.

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