Crafts: Embellished Flask - Quick Method

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My monogram flask
I recently attended an event where I needed a flask.  The event was a nice upscale cocktail party at the Tiffany's in Garden State Plaza.
Tiffany's at Garden State
I LOVE these kinds of events and I always have a GREAT time!  The problem is that I DON'T drink alcohol.
Cocktails at Tiffany's

When there is limited food space, event hosts tend to serve more alcohol and not a lot of non alcohol options.  And so I bring my own flask of ginger tea (or ginger ale).  Ginger ale is great because it's pale and sparkly and it looks like champagne.

Ginger ale in a champagne flute

I've been asked to post a tutorial on how I made my little flask, so here you go!  There are a variety of ways to bling out your flask.  I just used what I has on hand.

Because I had less than 24 hours to decorate my flask I used the quick method.


For this method you will need:

Weatherproof Shipping labels (I like Avery 5526)
Color printer
Picture of your choice

Wrap a piece of paper around your flask to make a template

Make a template

Next find an image that you'd like to use to decorate your flask.  I chose a vintage flower print

Print the image on the weather proof label.

Now lay your template on the printed label and cut the label to size.

Remove the label back and apply the printed label to the clean dry flask.

That's it!  You're done!

This quick method is great for flasks of all sizes.  HOWEVER - Avery 5526 labels come 2 to a sheet.

If you have a larger flask, your image might have a seam.  I added my initials to my flask to cover the seam.  (Nobody could see the seam but me, but I wanted perfection).

If you'd like to monogram your flask, you'll need to find a google image of your initials.  Google "monogram" and your initials.  My initials are KW and so I googled "monogram kw" then I clicked the "images" tab.

I saved the image I liked and printed it on an Avery 5526 Label.  I cut the label out and stuck it to my flask.

That's it!

Here are a few pix from the party at Tiffany's

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