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UpCycle'd Dress
This dress is made from an old pair of yoga pants and a red bed sheet!  I have to tell you that I think it's my favorite upcycled dress BY FAR!

I've been seeing circle skirts made from sheets for a while.  It took me a while to find a sheet that I liked well enough to make a dress or shirt out of, but when I saw this red sheet I just had to have it!

Designers Note:  I am 5'2" tall.  I have found that:
Queen size sheet = floor length skirt  
Full Size Sheet = Tea length skirt
Twin Size Sheet = Knee Length skirt

In all I've made 3 circle skirts/dresses using the technique i'll cover today.  She shorter skirts are easier to photograph so you'll see pix from a couple of different projects here.

To make a dress you will need:
1 bedsheet
1 pair of stretchy pants

To make a skirt you'll need 
1 bedsheet 

The hardest part of this project is cutting the sheet.  (It's really not hard at all)

Here's what you need to do.

Fold the sheet in half, then fold it in half again.  This will give you a rectangle.

One of the corners of your sheet will be the center of your circle.  Identify the center of the sheet and fold as pictured. (Sheet will look like a triangle)

Fold into large triangle

Now fold your triangle in half once more.

Fold your triangle in half.
Now you're ready to cut.

Cut off the tip of your triangle. Cut the bottom of your sheet to the desired length.

Now unfold your sheet.

If you're making a skirt, add elastic to the waist line and hem the bottom edge.

For the red dress I used an old pair or yoga pants to make a top.

Cut the crotch from a pair of stretchy pants
I folded my yoga pants in half and cut out the crotch.

Next I attached the yoga pants top to the shirt.

Simple upcycled dress!

That's it!  This is BY FAR the easiest dress I've ever made!

Here's another Circle Skirt that I made

Circle Skirt from a Duvet
I've made so many circle skirts from bed linens over the years.  Here's a link to more easy circle skirts!

Circle Skirt from a Sheet

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  1. This looks so easy. I am amazed how you thought of it.

  2. That is brilliant. You make it look so simple

  3. I think this is one of most creative ideas. Congrats!!

  4. Love the circle skirt! And Cutting out the crotch from yoga pants to make the neckline for a top? OMG that's brilliant! Im so going to do that. :) I make shift dresses out of sheets, too. The fancy ones with a wide decorative hem are great, you just cut the dress out so the decorated hem is on the bottom, and it looks like you've gone to a lot of trouble to sew a panel on the bottom of your dress when it's really just a fancy sheet from the thrift store! ! Lol!

  5. Love this idea. My first circle skirt was made with sheets too. But the pants as a top - never even thought of that. Going to try it. Thanks!!!

  6. How do you know where to cut the point off?

    1. There are a couple of ways to know. You can use a circle skirt calculator. Or you can just wing it. Here a link for a skirt calculator.