Refashion Runway - Week 4 (Maxi Dress)

12:50 PM

This week i'm doing dual duty.  Not only is this a refashion, but it's also an ikea hack.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I saw this duvet at GoodWill and I liked it.  It wasn't until I began to cut it apart that I discovered that it was from ikea.

Turns out, this $7.99 duvet is actually an Ofelia Vass ($49.99) duvet from Ikea.  Who knew!?

Anyway - on to the dress.

This weeks challenge for the Refashion Runway was to make a maxi dress or shirt.  I'm a fan of the Maxi, but as a plus size girl it's hard to find a garment that has too much fabric.  In the absence of some obscenely long thing for me to cut into a dress, I opted for this duvet.

The dress is a simple design accented with a bright silk sash from a failed refashion that was on my sewing room floor.

I had a very general idea of what I wanted to make.  The most important thing to me was the lines.  I LOVE the lines in this fabric, and I wanted them to be horizontal across my chest and vertical in the skirt.

Sketch of dress
Here's what I did:

I measured the fabric around my waist, and added some extra.  I wanted a nice full skirt.

Next I measured around my chest and cut some extra because I knew that shirring the top would cause it to contract, making it smaller.  

Note:  I use to word "measure" loosely.  No actual tape measures were used in this process.

I started by shirring the top of the dress.

Shirred top

There are shirring tutorials in a couple of places on this blog.  The Ofelia Vass has natural seam lines, so I just shirred across the seams.

Next I gathered the skirt and added a waist band.  That's pretty much it!

I knew that I wanted a long dress with a train so I left this dress extra long for what wedding dress effect.

Failed Refashion
The sash of the dress was made from an old (failed) silk dress that I tried to make a while ago.  This dress never fit correctly, but I LOVED the colors!   So I cut the dress into wide strips and sewed them together.

The newly created sash was VERY frayed at the edged, so I singed them with a candle.

Before Singe 
Running the edges across the low flame of a candle sealed (and lightly curled) the edges.

After Singe
I could have sewn the edges, but I wanted them to be light and ethereal.  It was important to me that they blow lightly in the wind and I thought that sewing would make them too heavy.  Anyway, it turned out just fine.

The rest of this wedding set was stuff that I had around the house.

net mesh veggie bag became a veil
The veil was an old net mesh vegetable bag

Silk hydrangea completed the diy veil
The hydrangea was from a diaper cake that I made 3 years ago.  A little hot glue and voila!

Instant wedding veil
The bouquet is actually a bunch of old flower pens (I used to give them out when I sold real estate).  I taped pens together and wrapped them in strips from the dress that I used to make the sash.

ikea wedding dress and silk flower pens

It feels TOTALLY crazy to me that this entire wedding ensemble is made from things that were on my sewing room floor. (I REALLY need to clean!)

The purse is from Week #3 of the refashion challenge.

Refashion Challenge clutch

I made the earrings a while back as part of my (very brief) earring making obsession.

Handmade earring complete the look!

OK, so here it is, all put together.  

Wedding ready

Ofelia Vass wedding dress

Final Note:  After I made this dress I discovered online that J. Crew has a line of simple wedding dresses called Cotton Cady Wedding Gowns.  The gowns are all simple and beautiful.  They also cost like $700!  That's AMAZING to me!!!!!  Even if I had purchased this duvet for full price, this dress would have only cost like $50!!

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  1. I love this, and the fact it's made from "leftovers"!

    I'm curious! Did you make this for your own wedding, for someone else, or just to see if it could be done? Kudos on a lovely outfit.