Tips and Tricks - Beach Tips!

11:08 AM

It's that time of year again!  Time to head to the beach!

I'm just back from vacation (more pix at the end of this blog) and i'm here to offer you my best tips!

First things first though - I TOTALLY forgot to mention that I would be appearing on a beach themed episode of The Chew.  The episode aired while I was away (June 22nd I believe) and so I missed it.  I was able to grab a few screen shots and i'm happy to post them!

Here's the link to The Chew Beach Party Episode!

Here I am waiting to offer my beach tip!
The episode was taped this winter, but here I am all decked out in summer gear trying to look warm (we were FREEZING).

Scene's from ABC's The Chew

Frozen Aloe Vera Cubes for Sunburn
Freeze aloe vera in ice cube trays and pack them in your cooler.  They're great for soothing sun burned skin!

Cupcake liner Drink Covers
 Use Cupcake liners as drink covers.  These keep sand and bugs out of your drink!

Cloth Shower Curtain LINER for the beach!
Use a CLOTH shower curtain liner as your beach blanket.  They're lightweight, inexpensive and reusable.  Plus sand won't stick to them.  They offer a nice large picnic area on the beach and use can use the stakes in the curtain holes to anchor it in the sand.

When you're ready to leave the beach a quick shake gets rid of the sand!

Packing List for kids (and possibly husbands)
We are a family of 5.  BY FAR the hardest part of me is getting everyone packed, ready and out the door.  The boys want to help and so I make them all packing lists!

The list is customized for each family member.

Family Packing List
The basic list includes clothes, books, toys, electronics, chargers and toiletries each person will need for about a week at the beach (our beach house has a washer/dryer).  The most important item on the list is "This List."  Each family member packs all of the items PLUS the list.  When it's time to come home, check off each item from the list to make sure that nothing is left behind!

We've used this technique for years and have never left anything at the beach house or in a hotel room.


Now for the most important part of this post - the vacation pix!  Here we are at the beach!

No matter where you go or what you do this summer, make time to relax and enjoy yourself!

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