Refashion Runway - Week #1

10:56 AM

The Week #1 challenge was to create a garment that combined floral with stripes or geometric shapes.

Never, never, never in a million years would I have combined striped and flowers!  That's just not who I imagine myself to be.  But alas, i'm in the challenge and I want to win and so I gave it a shot!

I was torn between this prairie dress and a basic black and white floral skirt.  I figure "If you're going to challenge yourself really do it!"  I chose the dress that I liked the least and decided to turn it into something that I could really love and wear.  I'm thrilled with how she turned out!  Dusty Rose (my name for her) has truly blossomed!

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Dusty Rose and I in Times Square
Here's how I created this dress:

I started with a floral prairie dress and a boxy stripped t-shirt.

Floral print close up

boxy striped t-shirt close up

The dress was WAY to small for me.  I was a junior size 9 (I wear a woman size 16/18).  Because the skirt of the dress was heavily gathered I knew that I would end up with enough fabric to make a full skirt.

Junior Size 9 - yikes!

Like with all refashions, I begin by cutting off the parts of the garment that don't work for me.

I cut the skirt from the dress bodice
  Next I had to figure out how much of the shirt to keep.  I put it on and marked it with a pin.

Next I laid the shirt flat and cut just below the pin.

Cut BELOW the pin!
With the unneeded fabric out of the way, it's time to join the top and bottom of the dress.  With the right sides together sew the top to the bottom.

Sew the dress top to the bottom
PRO TIP:  The first time you join 2 pieces sew using a large stitch with no back stitch at the beginning or the end.  This allows you to view your work, but the stitch is easy to remove if you need to make adjustments.

First stitch 

Second row of stitching 
Once you're happy with everything, make a second (smaller stitch).

If you're happy with the finished product, you're all done.  I needed this dress to be a little less boxy, so I cut it to enhance my shape.

Cut to enhance my figure

Finally, I added a little ribbon to complete the look.

I forgot to photograph it, but I also shortened the sleeves and cut the neckline a little deeper.


So pretty!

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  1. I love the new dress Dusty Rose, great job, great fit.

  2. That's wonderful idea, I bought similar dress, very nice fabiric but top of this dress looks so granny ..., thanks !

  3. hanks for sharing the article, and more importantly, your personal experience mindfully using our emotions as data about our inner state and knowing when it’s better to de-escalate by taking a time out are great tools. Appreciate you reading and sharing your story since I can certainly relate and I think others can to