Refashion- Refashion Runway Season #3

12:07 PM

I had never heard of Refashion Runway until the other day.  I completed the application, sent nit off and hoped for the best.  Turns out I WAS CHOSEN!!!!!!!!!


Over the next 6 weeks i'll complete refashion challenges and everyone will vote on them.  Each week a designer will be eliminated.  At the end of the challenge 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be chosen.

I've decided to complete all 6 challenges regardless of whether i'm eliminated or not!

Each week i'll post a tutorial detailing how I created my refashion.

Please review and vote on everyone's design HERE at The Renegade Seamstress.  (She's awesome by the way!!!!)

If you'd like to sew along, here are the challenges:

Week 1: Combine Floral and Geometric or Stripes
Week 2: Gingham
Week 3: Handbag, Tote bag or Clutch
Week 4: Maxi Skirt or Dress
Week 5: Boho Chic
Week 6: Asymmetrical
Week 1 creations will be posted next Saturday, July 25 and you can begin voting for your favorites.

For more of my REFASHIONs click here!

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  1. That sounds like it would be really good fun. I will follow along with you if I have time