Tips and Tricks: Play Date Cards

3:22 PM

Yes, your kids need their own business card!

Play Date Cards

I know it seems like a super crazy idea at first, but just hear me out.

How many times have you had this conversation:

Child: Mom, can Sammy from school come over to play?
You:  It's fine with me, do you have his number, I'll call his mom.
Child:  Here!

Then you are handed some crumpled mess that doesn't make sense at all

Kid written Phone Number

This has happened to me more times can I can count!

The last time I got business cards for myself I also made some for my kids.  It's been a TOTAL life saver!

Each of my younger children carry 10 or so cards in a Ziploc in their back pack.  I carry a small stash in my purse.

Now when the kids want a play date, they give their card to the friend.

Instead of jotting down a phone number in the carpool lane or park, I hand others mom a play date card so that we can connect later.

My favorite play date cards include the child's picture.  That way I remember which friend is coming to play.

If your child as allergies or other health/dietary restrictions the play date card is the perfect way to pass the information along when s/he goes to play.

Allergy Warning Play Date Cards

See, you thought I was crazy at first; now you're "Googling" Play Date Cards.  To see where you can get a stash!

*  Look for deals online or in stores.  I usually pay about $10 for 100 cards.
*  Include a recent picture and update the pic at least once a year
*  Laminate a few cards to attach to backpacks and lunch boxes.
*  These cards are sometimes called "Mommy Cards"
*  Choose block lettering so that its easy to read
*  If you have a blog, ebay shop, or etsy shop, get cards for yourself too!

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