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iPhone Mounted to Bus Seat

This post if for my bus commuter friends.  I know that some of you have seen people on the commuter bus with their phone or tablet attached to the seat back in front of them.  (Pictured above).  In my opinion this is an AWESOME way to travel!

The problem is that I don't want to attach Velcro directly to my phone (or tablet) because I only need it for like 2 hours a day.  

My solution is this clear vinyl sleeve.

Clear Sleeve
It's so simple that I feel like an idiot for not thinking of this sooner!

For this project you will need:

12-gauge clear vinyl
sticky back Velcro
hot glue (optional)

12 gauge Vinyl

Stick back Velcro

Because I'm working with clear vinyl it's difficult to photograph the step by step.

Step #1 - wrap the vinyl around the phone 1 time so that it covers the phone completely with about an inch of overlap.  Cut the vinyl.
Wrap vinyl around the phone 1 time.  Cut to size

Step #2 - add Velcro for closure

Add Velcro closure

Step #3 - Add Velcro to the back of the phone so that it can stick to the bus seat.

Add Velcro to the back of the sleeve
That's it!

All Done!
This is seriously the EASIEST project in the world!

Now when you're ready for your commute, wrap the phone/tablet in the sleeve and stick it on your seat back!

Ready to Roll!
Depending on your phone case, your phone may try to slip out of the sleeve when the bus makes sharp turns.  If you find that you phone is slipping, add a line or 2 of hot glue to the inside of the plastic.

Allow the hot glue to dry before your use the sleeve.  The glue provides enough traction to keep the phone from slipping.

There are a couple of important tips to remember.  
#1 - TEST YOUR BUS SEAT!  Depending on the fabric used on commuter buses in your area, Velcro may not work.  New Jersey Transit buses are made of a rough(ish) fabric that allows Velcro to stick perfectly!  If your seat back is soft, Velcro may not work.  TEST FIRST!
test your seat back!
#2 - This will NOT work on most car seats!  I'm working on a solution for cars!
#3 - If you've using a larger phone or tablet get extra sticky Velcro!  I'm using an iPhone 5 and regular Velcro holds the weight of the phone just fine.

If you sew, you can add a layer of oil cloth or other fabrics to make this sleeve in various colors.

Oil Cloth Sleeve w/ Velcro

Black Vinyl Sleeve with snaps 
Add a layer of colored vinyl or oil cloth over the clear vinyl to make a more colorful case.  Be sure to measure and cut a window carefully.  Stitch the colored cloth to the clear vinyl.  You'll need to stitch around the window and all the way around the edges to hold the colored cloth in place.

I LOVE oil cloth because it comes in so many colors!

Oil Cloth

FINAL NOTE:  You WILL be able to use your touch screen through the clear vinyl!

For more TIPS and TRICKS, click HERE!

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  1. Nice job on that, Kathy!!
    That would be great in the car too...for the back of our seats for the kids!

    1. I have a version of this that allows me to hang my kindle on the wall in my kitchen. The car version is next!

  2. This is very helpful I am going to make one, Really easy, inexpensive method for mounting a tablet to rear of headrest in a vehicle

  3. this is really nice ides for phone mount anywhere, we can also mount phone in our car by using Car Mount tool, we can get it in very low cost, but before buying any brand car mount check out here there review and buying guide.

  4. This is really a good idea, and few people think of the idea of attaching a mobile phone holder to the seat of a bus.

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