Plus Size Refashion - Sweater to Skirt

11:27 AM

This over sized mens' sweater was SUCH a bore, but is less than an hour it went from frumpy to totally FAB!

Here's how!

Cut off the arms.  Save them for other projects.  (You can use them to make a dog sweater!)

Remove the arms

Cut off the top of the sweater
Ok, so this next part is where things get a little tricky.  I used an XXL men's sweater.  Turns out that size is WAY too big for me.  Through a bunch of trial and error I ended up trimming the sweater down to a size that was just right.

The next time I make one of these (and I will make more) I'll start with a Medium or Large sweater.  That way I'll only have to add elastic and I'm all done!
Cut and sew to fit your body
 All you have to do now is add elastic.  (I'm not going to cover that part in detail because I'm assuming that you already know how to do it.)  
Turn down the top edge and add elastic.

My plus size sisters already know how annoying it is to make a cute dress or skirt only to have it be too short in the back.  I'm sure that this happens from time to time with all women, but as a big girl it happens to me A LOT!  I have come to call this annoying little problem Big Booty Ride Up.

Fixing Big Booty Ride Up
This problem is REALLY easy to fix!  Here's how:  Hem your skirt so that there is 3/4 -1 (or maybe even 2) inches of extra fabric at the back of the skirt.  You can adjust the elastic placement in the waist band to add an inch or 2 or you can make the adjustment at the hem of the skirt.  When laid flat the hem will look uneven.  When you wear the garment, the hem will be perfect!

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  1. What a clever idea! I just replaced a sweater I would like to try this with. I don't have a big booty but a large tummy, so my skirts look too short in front. The best way to ensure an even hem is to wear the shoes you plan to wear with the skirt or dress and have a friend measure up from the floor with a yardstick all the way around the skirt. They used to make hem markers that would do this, too. That way the hem looks even all the way around when the garment is worn.


  2. That is a great idea! I'm thinking it would help with maternity tops and dresses too.

  3. Love this site... most refashioning sites are geared toward little girls, not those of us blessed with womanly curves. Thank you!