Chalk Cloth Pencil Case

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This is a great back to school project!

I LOVE chalk cloth and honestly would use it to make just about anything!  This pencil case can double as scratch paper in a pinch.  Now what's not to love about that!?

Pencil Case Scratch Paper
Chalk Cloth is available on line (etsy or ebay) or at your local JoAnn Fabric Stores.  Look in the utility fabric section.

You DON'T have to line this pencil case.  I did because I had spare fabric and I thought it was cute.

To be honest I didn't really have a pattern for this project.  I created a pattern using notebook paper.

This is the fabric that I started with:

Chalk Cloth

Super Hero Cotton Fabric
Brightly Colored Zippers

Chalk Cloth Cut to size
Fabric Liner cut to size
 With right sides together, sew the lining to the chalk cloth. 

Right Sides together
Stitch across the long side of the pencil case.
Stitch along the long side of the case
Turn fabric on the right side
Fold fabric so the right side is facing out
Center the zipper on the fabric
Pin zipper in place
Sew up to zipper pull, raise the presser foot

Pull zipper past presser foot and continue sewing zipper in place
All done on one side
Sew Zipper to second panel
With the zipper open, fold case with lining facing out
Stitch along sides and bottom of the case
Trim excess fabric
Snip the corners
ZigZag stitch edge for extra hold
Seasoning Chalk Cloth
So that it's easy to write on, it is important to "Season" Chalk Cloth.  

To season, turn chalk on its side and rub it over the entire surface of the chalk cloth.
Rub all sides with chalk
Erase completely.



To make a box bottom case

Find the seam that is on the bottom of the bag.
Bottom Seam
Measure approx 1 inch.  Mark seam and sew across the bottom seam
Measure 1 "
Sew Across the seam, trim excess fabric
Box Bottom Case
Flat Pencil Case, Box Bottom Pencil Case

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