Teacher Gift - School Supply Jar

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Update:  It's last day of school/teacher gift time again!  YAY Summer!  The kids and I made a school supply jars for their teachers last year and the teachers LOVED it!  It's something they can use AND it doesn't have to go home (cluttering their house).  I like this idea because it's something that the entire class can use and give the teacher a bit of a jump start for her next school year.

Supply Jar
Like Diaper Cakes a few years ago, School Supply cakes are all the rage right now!  (They're all over pinterest)  I'm not a teacher, but I LOVE this idea as an end of the year teacher gift.  Or even a first day of school teacher gift.
Diaper Cake

School Supply Cake
The problem with these gift cakes is that they can get pretty expensive.  PLUS, I feel like they leave too much waste.  Realistically, not a ton a waste, but more than I'm comfortable with.

My idea of a perfect gift is:

* Useful
* NOT wasteful
* Fun
* Hand made
* Not too expensive to make

I set off to Walmart to buy everything I'd need to make a School Supply Cake for my kids teachers.  (School is not out for us until the end of June).  Because it's not "back to school" season school supplies are not on sale.  That means the price of supplies can (and will) add up quickly.  PLUS I discovered that I'd need to buy infrastructure items to hold everything in place, make it stand up properly, etc that are (in my opinion) wasteful.  They'll look good on the finished product but are not really useful.

That's when I decided to use a cracker jar.

Honestly you can fill the jar with just about anything.  I filled mine with:

- 4 packs of  8-count crayons
- 4 dry erase markers
- 4 large erasers
- 4 mini post it notes
- 4 glue sticks
- 4 hand sanitizers
- 1 pack of wet ones
- 6 pencil top erasers
- handful of large rubber bands
- 1 pack of M&M's  

Everything (including stickers to decorate the jar) cost about $30.

Glass Cracker Jar Decorated with Star Stickers

Filled with Glue Sticks, Hand sanitizer rubber bands and more!

We added a candy treat for the teacher

Star Stickers complete the look
 No teacher gift is complete without the most important part!  A thank you note for the teacher from the kid!
Kid Made Thank You Note

Nice Note for the Teacher

Kid Art

 Have a GREAT summer!

For more crafty ideas, click HERE!

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