Fixing Saggy Kitchen Drawers

11:41 AM

In my book, there’s nothing worse than saggy drawers!  
I hate them on my teenage son and I hate them in my kitchen!   
Crooked Drawer, Broken Handle

Sagging Drawer

You know the ones!  I’m talking about those drawers where you pull it out and something is just not right.  It falls off to one side.  It leans too far forward or it leans too far back.  My kitchen is old(ish) and so I assumed that I’d have to get new cabinets to resolve the problem.  Turns out, I was wrong!

Fixing a sagging drawer is super easy and usually pretty cheap.  This repair cost only about $6!

New Slides in package

For this fix you WILL need:
Screw driver
New drawer slides
Measuring tape
Pen and paper

You MIGHT also need:
Rear mount

The problem:
When I open this drawer is tilts up, causing everything to slide to the back of the drawer.  The drawer doesn’t close smoothly and never seems to sit straight when closed.  Other problems you might notice: the drawer seems loose, won’t close entirely or won’t open entirely.

Sagging Drawer

Removing the drawer:
Pull the drawer out as far as it will go.  To remove the drawer from the cabinet you may have to press down on the metal drawer stop that is inside the cabinet.  Press both drawer stops at the same time to remove the drawer.

Press metal drawer stop to remove drawer

Inspect the old slides and mounts.  The slide is the metal piece that is mounted to the side of the drawer.  There is another slide mounted inside the cabinet.  The mount is the piece that attaches the slide to the back of the cabinet.  You might not have mounts.  Use a flash light to check the back of the cabinet for mounts. 

There should be 1 slide mounted to each side of the drawer and 1 slide mounted inside on each side of the cabinet.  You’re checking to see if screws are missing, if a slide is missing, bent or broken.   A missing or broken mount may be causing the problem.  [In my case 1 of the slides from inside the cabinet was missing entirely!]

broken slide mount

Another kind of slide mount

This is what the slides should look like!

The fix - Measure:
If you determine that a defective or missing slide or mount is the problem, measure the length of the slide attached to the drawer.  Write down your measurement.  Now measure the length of the slide that is mounted inside the cabinet.  Write it down.  Keep in mind that the 2 measurements may not be the same.  If possible, take the old slide or mount with you to the hardware store. 

At the store do your best to match the new parts you buy with the old parts.  Keep in mind that styles and colors change.  If you can't  find an exact match don’t panic.  Just do your best and save receipts in case you need to make a return or exchange.

Measure the slide mounted inside the cabinet
Measure the slide that is mounted to the drawer

Installing new parts:
Generally speaking, this is a simple screw driver job.  Using a cordless driver makes it even faster.  Unscrew old parts and install the new.  Make sure that the part you took off matches the part you put back on. 

screw on new slide

Use your camera phone to photograph the old part before you take if off.  Use the picture as a reference guide for how to install the new part.


Because our drawer was loose for so long, the drawer handle was used to lift/reposition the drawer a lot.  The extra pressure on the handle caused it to fall off.  Inspect your drawer handle to see if it’s showing extra wear.  It may need to replace the handle or install a new screw.  Take the old handle and screw to the store so that the replacement matches perfectly!


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  1. You are such a rock star! I am working my way through your posts and I love the mix of home repairs, cooking, and sewing!

    1. Omg, so nice!! This blog is a labor of love. It's so nice when someone enjoys it!

  2. Replies
    1. The drawer beneath the kitchen sink is usually not a real drawer. It's just a drawer front.
      Lay on your back and look under the sink. You'll see screws holding the drawer front in place.

  3. Awesome, thank you for such a detailed instruction, I'd have no idea how to fix drawer boxes on my own! I'm planning a big home improvement soon and I might do some of the work by myself, but I'll leave the floors to hardwood flooring aberdeen, they're an expert.

  4. Wouldn't you rather call an expert? I know that offers a wide range of services, just as Klotylda's said.